Top Investors of the Country Attend India’s Biggest Startup Investors Summit – Wolf Den

5D Global Travel Solutions presents Wolf Den Investors Summit – A concept of Venture Wolf powered by House of Biryan, Associate Partner Bidwheelz, and Networking Partner Cardbyte saw a packed house on Saturday – 20th May 2023, with some of India’s biggest and top investors attending the summit. Some of the eminent fund houses, family offices, Angel Networks, and fund managers present at the Summit were Credence Family Office, Patni Family Office, Bharat Innovation Fund, Qi Ventures, EV2, Omnivore Partners, Inflexor Ventures, Equanimity Investments, Artha Venture Fund, Big Bull Eyes Investment, Ankur Capital, Mumbai Angels, TIE India Angels / Rajasthan Angels, Lead Angels and many more.

The Wolf Den Investors Summit 2023 a valuable platform connecting global entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and ecosystem enablers. It will contribute to India’s startup ecosystem through networking and collaboration.

The Chief Guest of the Summit was Mr. Ajay Thakur – Head of the Bombay Stock Exchange for SMEs & Startup. The guest of Honour for the event was Mr. Pradeep Peshkar – a Member National Board for MSME at the Government of India.

Eminent mentors like Mr. Devesh Chawla, Mr. Bhavesh Kothari, and many more attended the event.

Wolf Den


The event started with an insightful speech from Mr. Pradeep Peshkar – Member National Board for MSME at the Government of India, who was also the Guest of Honour for the event. His speech was very insightful and inspiring for the new age and young entrepreneurs. Mr.. Devang Raja – Founder of Venture Wolf, felicitated him with an award as a small gesture of appreciation for his immense work done for MSMEs and Startups.

The second speaker for the day was Mr. Ajay Thakur – Head of the Bombay Stock Exchange for SMEs & Startups. His dynamic and enthusiastic speech, full of energy and passion, lifted the audience’s spirits and mesmerized them. Post his speech, Mr. Devang Raja – Founder of Venture Wolf, felicitated him with an award as a small gesture of appreciation for his great work for SMEs and Startups.

Post both the speaker sessions, India’s top investors were felicitated by Mr. Pradeep Peshkar and Mr. Ajay Thakur for their investments and to recognize their contribution to work done in the startup ecosystem.

There were six categories of awards at the Wolf Den Investors Summit.

The first Category of Awards was for Family Office.

The first award in this category went to Credence Family Office for being the Sector Agnostic Family Office Investor 2022.  Mr. Kapil Hingorani – President, collected the award for Credence Family Office.

The second award in this category went to Patni Family Office for being the best Technology Family Office Investor of 2022.  Mr. Ankur Shah – Vice President, collected the award.

The next set of Awards was for Fund Houses.  Following fund houses bagged the awards:

  • Bharat Innovation Fund for being the VC of the Year 2022 in the DeepTech category. Ashwin Raguraman – Co-Founder and Partner collected the award –
  • Qi Ventures for Enterprising VC of 2022. Vinod Keni – Co-Founder/Managing Partner, collected the award.
  • EV2 got Investor of the Year 2022 for Clean Tech & EV Space. Karan Mittal- Partner of the Fund was happy to collect the award on behalf of his team.
  • Omnivore Partners received Investor of the Year 2022 in the AgriTech space. Khan – CFO at Omnivore Partners, collected the award for Omnivore Partners.
  • Inflexor Ventures received VC of the Year 2022- B2B – Deep Tech, Parmi Doshi collected the award for Inflexor Ventures –


The next set of Awards was for Angel Network.

  • Mumbai Angels received the Most Active Angel Network of 2022. Tejaswini Gupta collected the award on behalf of Mumbai Angels. –


The next set of Awards was for Angel Investor – Individual Category.

  • Mahavir Sharma got the Most Active Angel Investor of 2022 and Nimish Thakkar of Big Bull Eyes Investments got an award for Emerging Angel Investor of the Year 2022


The next set of Awards was for Ecosytem Enablers.

  • Chatur Idea received an award for most promising startup enabling platform 2022. Devesh Chawla – Founder collected the award. –
  • Billennium Divas got an award for Women Entrepreneurs Platform of the Year 2022- Bhavesh Kothari collected the award on behalf of Meenal Kothari for this-


Post the awards distribution; the summit held its first-panel discussion where the panelists were:


Ankur Shah – Vice President, Patni Financial Advisors (Patni Family Office),

Kapil Hingorani – President, Credence Family Office

Mahavir Pratap Sharma – Chair, TIE India Angels and Rajasthan Angels and

Ashwin Raguraman – Co-Founder and Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

As the startup ecosystem is going through a slowdown, what better topic than “Funding Winter and Way Forward.”   As the panel had a perfect mix of family office, Fund House and Angel Network entrepreneurs got a 360-degree view of what goes into taking and making decisions in such conditions. The session was insightful and gave the audience a better insight and knowledge about find raising during Funding Winter.

Wolf Den


Post the first-panel discussion; Wolf Den Investors Summit saw 4 award-winning startups in their category pitch to a large audience in the auditorium and the investors present at the event.  The first start-up to present was 5D Global Travel Solutions, a travel tech company now looking to ramp up its operations with the help of modern-day technology.  The young and dynamic 5D Global Travel Solutions co-founder, Mr. Atanu Das, took everyone through his company’s journey, followed by Mr. Nanvin Kapur and Mr. Dhruv Kapur pitching in for Cardbyte. This app will change the future of networking.  Nakul Khandelwal came in and briefed about his non-cash burn business model at Bidwheelz and how they want to grow.  The final one before the lunch was House of Biryan, who surprised all with their AI & IOT method of making Biryani.  Mohammed Bhol, a third-generation entrepreneur, briefed all about changing his family business into a growth model using modern take technology.

Post lunch, it was time for the second panel discussion: “Why are loss-making startups valued so high?”

The panel comprised veterans like Vinod Keni (Co-Founder/Managing Partner), Sushanto Mitra (Founder &CEO Lead Angels), Karan Mittal (Partner at Ev2 Ventures), Khan (CFO at Omnivore), Parmi Doshi (Associate Vice President at Inflexor Ventures).

Wolf Den


Post the second-panel discussion; the event was split into three segments where closed-door pitches presented their business to investors comprising fund houses, family offices, and angel networks in a conference room.  Open-stage startups got an opportunity to pitch their startups to an audience present in the auditorium, and delegates who wanted to build their business network moved on to the networking area to meet and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

AQB Events and Marketing supported the event, Print Media Partner Navabharat, Podcast Partner Zed Medium, Workspace partner Meetings & Offices, Tech Partner All India IT Services, Outreach Partners – Way2World, Business Upside – India, Business Upside –  USA and IHQ Reviews along with our supporting partners of the event Billium Divas and Raise Money.

The event successfully concludes by 5 pm.

India needs more such events for the startup ecosystem to grow and get all stakeholders under one roof. WOLF DEN, India’s biggest startup event, concluded with resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the startup ecosystem and inspiring a new wave of innovation. WOLF DEN brought together passionate entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and startup enthusiasts worldwide.

WOLF DEN was a knowledge exchange, collaboration, and opportunity creation hub. WOLF DEN showcased the immense potential and creativity present in the startup landscape, fostering an environment of learning, networking, and growth.

Throughout WOLF DEN, numerous success stories emerged, underscoring the positive influence of the event on the participating startups. Entrepreneurs shared their journeys, breakthroughs, and lessons learned, inspiring others with their resilience and determination. WOLF DEN’s focus on fostering collaboration and providing a platform for startups to connect with investors, mentors, and potential partners has resulted in tangible outcomes, with several partnerships and investment opportunities initiated during the event.

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