Does the glory season 2 Exist? Here’s What We Know So Far

No confirmation on the glory season 2. You wondered what happened to the retaliation if you saw any of The Glory’s first season. We have been anticipating Moon Dong-eun’s long-promised descent into hell on her tormentors for almost as long as she has.

There are two parts to this story, so don’t worry! Netflix has already released the glory part 2.

When will The Glory Part Two Air?

It is already available. The glory part 2 was available on March 10, 2023. There is no confirmation on the glory season 2 release date. So, you won’t have to wait too long for that stunning conclusion.

K-Dramas tend to release their programs entirely rather than producing many follow-up seasons. The advantage is that it guarantees fans receive a complete tale. Still, the disadvantage is that you can lose out on a continuation if you are still deciding whether to say goodbye to the characters and environment.

It’s challenging to predict if a “limited” show will remain limited. Due to its popularity, Netflix could purchase additional episodes of The Glory, but orders have yet to be placed for further seasons of the program.

Does the Sequel have a Trailer?

There is, for sure! The preview reveals that the glory part 2 comes with true brutal retribution. In contrast to part one’s gradual burn: fire, gore, and prophecies of horrible fate for the seemingly unrepentant Yeon-jin.

Screams, money boxes, fights in the church aisles, and many menacing grins are there. Even while the teaser doesn’t reveal how Dong-eun plans to exact her revenge, it is evident that there will be enough of it. But will her acts help Dong-eun’s soul recover? Though we sincerely hope so, it doesn’t appear probable.

What is the Plot of the glory season 2 Look Like?

Although some bumps along the way may be expected and some reflection about the existential cost of retaliation may be necessary, Dong-eun’s strategy is likely to succeed.

For the glory kdrama season 2, Yeo-jeong’s vengeance against Kang Yeong-cheon, who killed his father, would be the most obvious plot point. Yeo-jeong’s mother asks Dong-eun to assist her son in carrying out the retribution that consumes him in the season one finale of The Glory, stopping Dong-eun from jumping to her death. Dong-eun accepts and starts preparing for such retaliation.

The Glory’s closing scene sees Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong entering their workplaces at the jail where Yeong-Cheon moved. But we are unsure how they will exact their retaliation.

Final Thoughts

Netflix has not yet made any formal statements on glory season 2 despite the great anticipation from fans for a second season. Many fans hope that The Glory will renew, despite specific Korean media sources’ speculation. Regardless of choice, the glory part 2’s finale offers resolution for most characters and leaves viewers happy with the narrative.


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