Know Everything about Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer

Netflix’s flagship show, Stranger Things, which became immensely popular since it first streamed in July 2016, is now set to return with the fifth and final season. Although the Stranger Things season 5 trailer is currently available on YouTube, there is yet no information about the Stranger Things season 5 release date. However, taking a cue from the enormous time taken to complete the past seasons, especially season 4, which took much longer to shoot by overcoming the effects of the pandemic, it seems logical that fans have to wait much longer for the completion and streaming of the finale. Therefore, those who want to know when is Stranger Things 5 coming out may have to wait till mid-2024 as per the track record of making the earlier seasons.

Stranger Things season 5 trailer – what does it hint at?

From the hints gathered from the trailer, there are high chances of a massive spin in the formula of the series that the fans have become familiar with. Besides allowing the narrative to catch up with the actors’ real-life ages, it would allow the show to stretch into the far-reaching future when Hawkins’s Upside Down gets the better of Hawkins and takes complete control. After a time jump, the central characters will undergo an irreversible change, mainly if it spreads over a huge period. The characters’ personalities may change, making Stranger Things 5 unpredictable and completely different.

Assuming that there is truth in the rumor about the time jump, it will be the most drastic change the show has undergone since its first streaming in 2016. There are hints about Hawkins succumbing to the threat of the Upside Down in Stranger Things season 5. Consequently, the protagonists have to spend an extended time in the post-apocalyptic society before they can exact revenge against Vecna and most likely save other survivors of the event. Most likely, there will be much less investigation and mystery in Stranger Things 5. Rather there will be more focus on the relationship and action between these characters after a long time- gap.

More delays expected

Besides the usual delays associated with the making of any series, the making of Stranger Things season 5 is facing more hurdles because of the work stoppage due to the ongoing strike since May by the Writers Guild of America, who are demanding fairer wages and other issues faced by screenplay and TV writers. The creators, better known as Duffer Bros. Matt and Ross, tweeted officially about halting production in support of the writers on the picket line and WGA. It means that there will be much more delay than expected for the release of Stranger Things 5. As per the original plan, the production team was to commence filming in June 2023 and end in June 2024. Depending on how long the strike continues, the additional delay could be two months or even more.

For now, fans of the series will have to stay contented with the Stranger Things season 5 trailer only.

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