6 New Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix

Over the last few years, Netflix has aired quite several New Korean dramas on Netflix. As such, we are now halfway through 2023, and Netflix has already shaped the current year as one of the busiest years to date. Right from genres that include comedies to fantasy and romance, there is something for all.

Let us learn about a few intriguing New Korean dramas aired on Netflix in 2023. Although, there are many but these have caught the attention of the majority. So, go through them and take your pick.

New Korean Dramas on Netflix

1. Brain Cooperation

Date of release- January 2nd

Actors- Long-time Korean actors Cha Tae Hyun and Kwak Sun-young

Genre- Comedy

What is the plot- In this series, two men try to solve a criminal case linked with a rare kind of brain disorder. They do so with the help of a neuroscientist who is blessed with an extraordinary brain.

2. Run Into You

Date of release – January 4th 

Actors – Kim Dong-Wook, Jin Ki-Joo

Genre – Drama

In this Netflix Korean drama, the theme revolves around a beautiful time travel story. In this series, a man and a women travel to their past. And their child hopes to prevent their parents from getting married. The timeframe is 1987.

3. Payback

Release Date- January 6th

Actors: Lee Sun-Kyun

Genre: Korean action drama

What is the plot- It is a revenge drama involving a global private equity fund trader or owner along with an elite officer as they combat a money cartel colluding with the law.

4. The Point Men

Release Date; January 18th

       Actors- Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung-min

Genre- Korean action drama

What is the plot- It is an action thriller and an excellent work of leading female South Korean director Yim Soon-rye of the Waikiki Brothers and Three Friends fame.

The story revolves around events that unraveled at the time of the rescue mission of a real-life Korean who was held hostage in 2007 in Afghanistan.

5. Jung_E

Release Date- January 20

Actors- Kim Hyun Joo

Genre- Science fiction

What is the plot- The storyline occurred in the backdrop of the 22nd century when climate change caused the earth to become uninhabitable. As such, human beings are living in man-made shelters. At this time, war breaks out, and the outcome affects the success of brain cloning technology.

6. Kokdu: Season of Deity

Release Date-January 27

Actors- Kim Jung-Hyun

Genre- Fantasy Romance

What is the plot- It sees a reaper who is grim and possesses a human being every 99 years so that he can punish humanity for all their sins.

Aside from the above, many other New Korean movies will make their way to Netflix. So, wait and watch for these new series to make their way into your home for fun and entertainment.

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