Is Outer Banks Season 3 Worth Watching? Is it Full of Flaws?

The premiere of “Outer Banks” in 2020. Viewers know that the snow’s appeal was not due to its simple plot, award-winning acting, or exceptional cinematography. Instead, they cleverly portrayed teenage antics. The brilliance of “Outer Banks” on Netflix comes in its capacity to evoke thrilling teenage treasure-hunting experiences. However, it is also fortunate because it was released during a pandemic when the intended demographic was cooped up at home, yearning for thrilling experiences with friends. The first season’s cumulative 35.1 million hours of viewing attest to its unquestionable popularity. Outer Banks Season 3 debuted on February 23.

Disappointment in Outer Banks Season 3

The show’s scripts and performances have never been of Oscar caliber, but the quality has suddenly dropped in Outer Banks Season 3. Even some of the potential ideas introduced in the forthcoming episodes still need to be completed by the writers. The season’s most obvious problem is “Big John,” John B’s father (Charles Halford). The sudden revelation of Big John’s life after Season 2 shocked audiences. His absence and presumed death were the sparks of the whole story. However, the program’s plot and organization suffered due to this personality’s resurrection.

Issues with Resurrecting Dead Characters

Reviving a dead character, the main character in the plot, deceived the audience and went beyond the bounds of realism. “Outer Banks” depends on the audience accepting the characters’ mortality for tension, despite not reaching the pinnacle of reality on television. The Pogues take risks with few repercussions. It makes it difficult for the audience to believe in the characters’ importance and development. This approach sets a poor example for character fatalities and growth within the canon. However, it produces manufactured drama for the plot.

Even though Big John (Charles Esten) and Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) pass away in Outer Banks Season 3 finale, the audience has already accepted that both characters have passed away several times throughout the show. There is no theatrical value in having viewers grieve characters they couldn’t stand the first time. Not to add that even folks in the real world don’t have a reason to lament these terrible father figures, particularly in the instance of Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), who figuratively intends to murder her father only a few minutes or so before he passes away.

Problems with Storylines

Three storylines—Pogue adventures, evil schemes, and Big John/John B. father-son time—take up the initial half of Outer Banks Season 3. The first act drags, and our protagonists’ made-up obstacles begin to feel dramatic solely for dramatic’s sake. Notwithstanding the potentially intriguing relationship between John B, portrayed by Chase Stokes, who is utterly unremarkable as our apparent main character, and his unlikeable and compulsive father, who will do whatever for treasure-seeking, the latter is regrettably delivered. The only exciting thing about this pair is when Big John kills two guys in front of John B. His son then witnesses terror as he eliminates their bodies, underscoring how much his father is willing to sacrifice for their treasure search. However, this kind of intrigue is transient.

The Outer Banks Season 3 trailer doesn’t waste any time in revealing what the Pogues will look for next. However, the search won’t be simple. In the season’s second half, the Pogues’ main focus is rescuing Big John from Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen). However, weak character writing hinders the writers’ attempts to evoke sympathy for this plotline. Singh is an unremarkable enemy irrelevant to the show’s original plot, and Big John’s aggressive demeanor disrupts the overall atmosphere and accessibility of the show. The fate of these two could not possibly be less important to viewers.

Now you are aware when is Outer Banks Season 3 is coming. Outer Banks has never been known for its fast-paced, action-packed episodes. But this becomes considerably more challenging by including several villains, inquiries, and supporting characters, all of whom have different origins, motivations, and stories. Outer Banks Season 3 suffers from the writers’ inability to control such a large number of characters. It results in a convoluted storyline.

Thrilling Events despite Fundamental Problems

Outer Banks Season 3 has its share of thrilling events despite these fundamental problems. The Pogue tomfoolery that distinguishes episodes 3 (“Fathers and Sons”) and 5 (“The Heist”) makes them more enjoyable than the other episodes. It’s interesting to see JJ (Rudy Pankow) attempt to save Kiara (Madison Bailey) in episode 9 (“Welcome to Kitty Hawk”) as she is taken away for wilderness camping therapy. The anticipation for this sequence is mostly due to the slow-burn romance that slowly grew between Kiara and JJ over the course of the series. The relationship still commands the majority of current viewing even though it was only holy as a fan service gesture in Season 2.

Treasure-Hunting Appeal Returns in Season Finale

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date is February, 23. The show’s treasure-hunting appeal returns in the season’s finale. It offers a reprieve from the forced love dramas, violent gunfights, and one-dimensional villains that bog down the recent episodes. The expedition scene with John.B and Sarah Cameron exploring the dangerous jungle caves of El Dorado. They are the primary treasure goal of the season, generating genuine excitement and suspense for the audience.


So, now people know when is Outer Banks Season 3 coming out. The scenes act as a depressing echo of the magnetic energy of the show’s debut season. Outer Banks Season 3 represents a decreasing trend in the show’s quality that started in Season 2. However, it is not an outstanding piece of television. In fact, both seasons fall short of their predecessor. Despite this, the television show has already received a fourth-season renewal. The third season’s last moments hinted at its forthcoming treasure hunt. It is uncertain whether viewers will endure another 10 hours of poor writing to watch the Kiara-JJ romance.

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