8 Best 3DS Games That Ever Nintendo Fan Loves

Gamers love the Nintendo 3DS for the fantastic experience of a natural continuation of the dual-screening gaming handhelds from the Japanese video game console. While the 3DS has enjoyed massive success since its launch, the best 3DS games, as a successor of DS, show how many impressive titles found a home on Nintendo. And the most innovative handheld Nintendo console offers a brilliant gaming experience with its excellent library. From great third-party handhelds to special exclusives, there are numerous gems to rediscover and celebrate. It’s wise to look back at the most excellent Nintendo 3DS games.

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Best 3DS games

Here are the 8 Best 3DS games of all time.

Mario Kart 7

It is the seventh entry in the kart racing franchise of Nintendo and one of the most consistent franchises. The game has seen several significant modifications to the game’s land-only formula. Apart from renewing the classic tracks, refreshing new designs for the tracks to race beneath the waves and glide along the sky have won the fans’ hearts. Mixing and matching different parts to create your cart was also a welcome addition the fans loved. The exclusively developed battle mode makes it one of the best 3DS games ever.

Bravely Default

As gamers know, Japanese RPGs have exceptional flair and vision. And the concepts from Square’s golden age of RPGs have been refined with new ideas to offer an experience of the Job System from Final Fantasy, making Bravely default one of the top-notch character class customisation systems in the genre. Inventive character growth, stunning battles, and a strong cast define this as one of the top 3DS games. Lovers of role-playing games love the game, while the battle system is fascinating.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The unique action-RPG series from Capcom lived on handheld Nintendo devices until Monster Hunter World started enjoying booming popularity. And Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate stood out. The combat is deep, and there are varieties of activities to eliminate boredom. Despite keeping the crafting, bosses and beasts that are Monster Hunter’s trademark, the new game became more accessible.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon 3DS games saw full 3D graphics in their X & Y, but Pokemon Sun & Moon utilised it fully. Instead of the tedious route crossing, the new refreshing vacation allows you to play a lively game with a nice low-angle shot of the beautiful beach. Moreover, the movement system is grid-free, and the camera that swoops around helps you admire the vistas. The new version of the Nintendo franchise makes you relish your mastery of Pokemonship and understand and respect the natural world.

Metroid Samus Returns

You may be wrong if you consider Metriod Samus Returns as a mere remake or remastering of Metriod 2 from Game Boys Advance. It’s a lot more. The developer has shown his expertise in bringing the classic game to the 21st century while adding more fun and adventure with other access, encouragement and moves. In short, the quotient for grabbing and aiming is higher in the game, as are the materials to discover. You can call it the nostalgia found in a brand-new game, and that’s why it deserves a position in the list of top 3DS games.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

If you are a Nintendo lover and want to get your childhood feelings back with a game, this is among the best Nintendo 3DS games. The world of Animal Crossing is full of enjoyment and wonder, with plenty of innovative things to do. The world is cheery, and the characters are loveable. The game’s charm lies in its friendship, collection, and discovery. The rewards and incentives are also very unique and inspiring.

Fire Emblem Awakening

This lucrative game completes the list of best Nintendo 3DS games as it debuted as a 3DS game for the series only to receive appreciation. The gameplay is compelling, especially for newcomers and genre fans, with multiple gaming modes, a simplistic story, and straightforward mechanics.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Zelda games are of two types; one is a 3D adventure which began with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the other is a classic original 2D game. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a 2D sequel game of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The game’s plot has always mesmerised the players, with a threatened kingdom and its fascinating characters. When you check the list of best 3DS games of all time, you will find names from both the 2D and 3D eras.

Final words

Well, hardcore Nintendo fans may wish to add a game or two to the list, but they can’t deny that the games mentioned above must be considered some of the Best 3DS games ever. Hopefully, you can revisit the magical world of Nintendo 3DS games with this article. To experience more like this, stay tuned!

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