How to Reset Apple Watch? Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

You may wish to know how to reset Apple Watch for one of two reasons: either you are experiencing a technical problem or intend to transfer ownership of the device. If resetting it for a technical fix, it should be considered a last resort before taking it to an Apple Store for repair. If the issue is software-related, resetting it will usually solve the problem. However, it will also mean starting from scratch or restoring your data from a backup.

Furthermore, if you are planning on selling or giving away your Apple Watch, it’s crucial to reset it to prevent others from accessing any private data you had stored on it. It also makes syncing with the new owner’s iPhone and iCloud account much more straightforward. Anyone selling or giving away an Apple Watch must reset it without exception.

How to reset Apple Watch?

To reset an Apple Watch, you will need the watch and, optionally, an iPhone. The estimated time for this process is between 5 to 10 minutes. Two ways how to reset an Apple Watch: using your iPhone or the Apple Watch. Both options are simple. If you’re resetting it for technical reasons, creating a backup of your Apple Watch first is highly suggested. After resetting, it’ll allow you to restore all your apps and data. However, suppose you’re planning to sell or give away the watch. In that case, it’s strongly advised to use the “with iPhone” method since it will disable the Activation Lock, making it possible for the new owner to pair the device with their iPhone properly.

Resetting your Apple Watch with your iPhone involves the following steps

Create a backup of your Apple Watch. If you are trying to fix a technical issue and plan on continuing to use your Apple Watch, creating a backup is crucial. However, if you are selling or giving it away, it may be optional. Building a backup of your Apple Watch is achieved by backing up the iPhone it’s paired with. You may keep a local backup on your Mac or PC or use Apple’s iCloud backup service, which includes a backup of all synced Apple Watch apps and data. However, one cannot save some data, such as your Apple Watch passcode. Check our FAQ below for more information, and for a full list of what’s in an Apple Watch backup, visit Apple’s support site.

Additionally, here’s how to reset Apple Watch

Access your Apple Watch’s settings in the My Watch tab to reset your Apple Watch using your iPhone. It’s important to keep both devices close to each other. Launch the Watch app, then select the My Watch option in the lower-left corner of the screen. Here you can view your current watch faces, settings, and more. Tap on all watches, which appear on the top left of the app. Then select “i” in a circle icon to access the settings and information page for the specific Apple Watch you want to reset.

Unpair your Apple Watch before proceeding with the unpairing process. Ensure that you have completed a backup of your Apple Watch. This step will erase all data stored on the watch and reset it, making it ready to connect to another iPhone, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Select the Unpair Apple Watch option at the bottom of the settings and info page for your Apple Watch. It will initiate the final step of the process. Note that GPS-only models and GPS+Cellular models will have different options at this point:

  • For GPS-only models: Enter your Apple ID password to disable the activation lock on the Apple Watch and complete the unpairing process.
  • For GPS+Cellular models: Select whether to keep the active cellular plan for your Apple Watch to remove it. If you plan to continue using the watch and only reset it to correct a technical issue, select “Keep.” Otherwise, choose “remove.” After selecting, enter your Apple ID password to disable the activation lock on the Apple Watch and complete the unpairing process.

How to reset Apple Watch without phone?

Resetting your Apple Watch without your iPhone is possible. However, it’s vital to note that you won’t be able to disable Activation Lock without unpairing your watch from your iPhone. Therefore, using the “with iPhone” method is recommended if you want to sell your watch. However, if you still wish to proceed without your iPhone, here’s how:

  • Go to the Settings app. To do this, tap on the settings icon, then tap General, and finally, Reset.
  • Erase all content and settings. Once you’ve tapped on Reset, the final step is to click Erase All Content and Settings. A warning will appear, stating that this action will not remove Activation Lock. It’s crucial to first unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone to disable Activation Lock.

How to reset Apple Watch password?

Hold down the side button while looking for the power button in the top-right area of the screen. When Erasing all content and settings appear, press and hold the Digital Crown. Reset once, then Reset once more to confirm. Following that, set up your Apple Watch once more after finishing the procedure.

  • If you use a GPS+Cellular model, you will get the option of maintaining your plan or not.
  • Choose to Keep a Plan if you intend to keep using the watch yourself.
  • If you’re giving away or selling the watch, choose Remove Plan.

Enter your password after that, and then tap Erase All to confirm. So, this is how to factory reset Apple Watch. It’s now ready for use by you or the next owner.


Is it possible to lose data when resetting the Apple Watch?

The answer is yes and no. While resetting, your Apple Watch will erase all data from the device. Most of the information on the Apple Watch will be part of your backup of the iPhone it is coordinated with. However, you must manually re-add Bluetooth pairings, Apple Pay credit or debit cards, and the passcode for your Apple Watch. You may keep your messages if you are into iCloud.

When is it necessary to reset the Apple Watch?

You should know how to reset Apple Watch when there is a technical issue or when you plan to give the watch to someone else, whether as a gift or for sale. Resetting the device to its default software should solve most software-based issues, such as corrupted apps, incomplete or failed software updates, and other potential glitches. Ensure to back up your data before resetting. If resetting the Apple Watch does not solve the issue, you must visit an Apple Store or contact Apple technical support to address any potential hardware issues.

If you plan to sell, donate, or gift your Apple Watch, resetting it is essential to safeguard your personal data and ensure that it works appropriately for the next owner. Disable Activation Lock during unpairing to pair the watch correctly with a new iPhone. It is in the “How to reset Apple Watch” section above.

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