8 Exciting Features of Sony TV Soundbar to Change Home Audio Experience

Do you wish to improve your audio experience while watching TV? It’s time for you to feel happy if you are using a Sony TV. Sony Electronics Inc. announced a fresh model in its soundbar lineup two months ago, in March 2023. The latest Sony TV soundbar model HT-S2000 with 3.1ch Dolby Atmos and DTS:X speaker can deliver a three-dimensional surround experience. The newly-developed mixer allows it to do so when playing stereo content. It also produces cinematic surround audio with Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround. Want to know more about Sony soundbar systems? Stay tuned.

New Sony TV soundbar Features

The new Sony TV soundbar produces the left, write, and center channels in TV and movie soundtracks. The center speaker of the HT-S2000 soundbar assures you clarity in dialogue while there is a built-in dual subwoofer for the deep bass. There is an onboard subwoofer for low-frequency effects.

If you want a further enhanced audio experience, add SA-RS3S Sony TV speakers with real surround. Pairing HT-S2000 with SA-SW3 or SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer can be a good option for those who want deeper bass.

Sony soundbar systems: Creating a Cinematic Feel

The HT-S2000 Sony TV sound bar lets users enjoy the thrilling Dolby Atmos and DTS:X by creating a cinematic atmosphere. The Virtual surround technology offers the sounder a sound positioning in vertical space. The S-Force Pro Front surround ensures the reproduction of the surround sound field and audio from both sides. Users will enjoy an overall mind-blowing experience with rich, cinematic surround sound, and most significantly, without cluttering their living space.

The Magical Effects of Surround Sound in Sony TV speakers 

You can take pleasure in three-dimensional surround sound with stereo content like video or music streaming services with the advanced and newly developed mixer in Sony sound bars.

Besides, Sony’s new algorithm analyzes the tracks in real-time to extract individual sound objects based on their localization. It then reallocates them, which results in three-dimensional surround sound.

Rich Bass and Clear Dialogue

The powerful HT-S2000 Sony TV speakers have a dedicated center speaker to ensure clear dialogue. On the other side, the built-in dual subwoofer offers a powerful bass. Both provide a wide-ranging, clear sound that fills the room without causing chaos.

The best Sony sound bar achieves louder sound pressure, less distortion, and greater vocal clarity with an innovative X-balanced Speaker Unit technology.

Connecting to Home Entertainment is Easier

Experiencing the best home entertainment with a Sony TV soundbar is more accessible now, as you can quickly set it up through the Home Entertainment Connect app by Sony. The app guides you properly to set up and use the sound bar. You can manage the initial settings, troubleshooting, control volume, and the sound fields. It also tells you when a software update is available and about the latest features.

Home Cinema

The latest addition to the Sony TV sound bar model line has an optional wireless subwoofer to add to the bass sound. They are SA-SW5 and SA-SW3. Users willing to get precisely a movie theater-like experience with sound directly behind can add optional wireless rear speakers like SA-RS35. It’s compatible with BRAVIA XR TV to pair with, and you can simply control the sound settings on BRAVIA’s Quick Settings.


Sony sound bars are home audio products designed to produce an excellent sound experience ensuring minimal environmental harm. The materials used in the products and packaging of Sony consist of less plastic. HT-S2000 contains specially developed recycled plastic enabling Sony to deliver extraordinary acoustic performance.

Prices and Availability

HT-S2000, presumed as one of the best Sony sound bar systems, costs $499.99 and is available at Sony Electronics, other authorized dealers, and Amazon for pre-order.

Final words

You shouldn’t think much before ordering the new Sony TV soundbar model if you value audio experience. The exclusive range of soundbars from Sony significantly changes the sound experience of TV viewers. And obviously, Sony tends to do so in the future too.

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