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YouTube Kids and Amazon Prime Video are the top-rated online entertainment apps that constantly keep on amusing viewers belonging to all age groups.

Cameo – Personal Celebrity Videos App Review

cameo featured image
In these terrible times, we turn to familiar faces. And  people who are more known than the renowned faces we see each day on...

TikTok App Review – A Video-sharing Focused Social Platform

In 2018, TikTok introduced a test version of its ad platforms, a short-form video-sharing-focused app with over 800 million active monthly users. The 6th...

PixelFlow – Creating Stunning Videos Review

When web attention is short and the market extremely crowded, videos function as a magical wall, too. Let us say you run a business...

Marvel Unlimited – A Digital Comic Software With A Mark of...

Marvel Unlimited was launched in 2007 for as long as Comixology, our winning digital comic software for the Editors' Choice. Disney app provides access,...

Webtoon App – A Laughter Dose For Moody Blues

Webtoon offers a much-needed free option if you are sick of DC and Marvel's superheroes, or are seeking to read something new. The content...

The Hulu Entertainment App Review

feature image of hulu
According to a survey report issued by Statista in May 2020, 62% of US consumers use streaming apps to watch TV. High-quality shows, worldwide...

Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

photo editor app
Our smartphones are used almost every day to click photos. Each smartphone processes images differently, producing photos that may not be to everyone's taste....

Paramount+ Review

There are so many options that it's really easy to feel overwhelmed. But there’s a new entrant that is different from every other streaming...

IMDb TV Review

Can you watch free movies and tv shows with IMDb TV? The answer is yes, and in this IMDb TV review, I will show...

Amazon App Review

Amazon.com/Amazon Inc. is an American-based global technology company that mainly deals with e-commerce artificial intelligence, analog streaming OTT platform, cloud computing. U.S. forms five desired...
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