Cash App Taxes Review 2023: Maximize Your Tax Savings

Cash App Taxes is our choice for this year’s finest free tax preparation software. It does not exclude users based on their tax problems and hides the free version under much advertising. It may cost you to submit your state’s tax return, in contrast to other free commercial tax software options. Cash App Taxes may e-file your tax returns free, regardless of whether you have freelancing income, cryptocurrency trades, retirement distributions, rental property revenue, or a healthcare savings account.

Cash App Taxes does not come with the comprehensive assistance of tax software industry giants like TurboTax and H&R Block. It necessitates installing the Cash App mobile program on a phone or tablet. Although it offers reasonable contextual and technical assistance from live chat agents who are actual people, it does not offer expert tax or phone support. Cash App Taxes has a highly polished layout and functionalities while being accessible. If you’re looking for a cost-free way to file your 2022 tax return. It might be worth a look.

Who Benefits Most from Cash App Taxes?

If you have prior Cash App experience, you should strongly consider using the free Cash App Taxes 2023 program. Because the tax interface seamlessly integrates into the mobile app, filers with simple returns might complete the process in a few minutes. Since there is no assistance for certain more complex forms, and specialized knowledge is non-existent, Cash App Taxes is more appropriate for DIY people who don’t require much guidance through submitting their taxes. You should also consider Cash App Taxes if you were formerly a Credit Karma Tax subscriber. Using your former tax returns is simple, and the program is nearly comparable to Credit Karma Tax.

Who Should Make Another Effort?

People who want tax assistance should look somewhere else. Cash App Taxes lacks support from tax experts. However, it includes a sufficient help area and live chat for fundamental technical and tax problems. Additional tax services should be tried by freelancers or people who run a side business and receive many 1909 forms. It does not allow uploading forms other than prior year tax returns. Therefore, you must fill out each form manually there.

Other tax scenarios that Cash App Tax do not handle include the following:

Several states return

Returns from non-resident states

Standard deductions increase

Earnings made abroad

Married couples filing separately in states with common property.

The complete list of governmental forms and circumstances that Cash App Taxes support and the same that it refuse to support are listed on distinct pages on the support site. Before beginning, review the lists to see whether it will be helpful.

How Does Cash App Taxes Function?

You should first download the Cash App mobile app and register for a Cash App account with a legitimate phone number or email address to use Cash App Taxes. Debit Card information will also be requested throughout the procedure for on boarding to link the account. However, it is not required to move further. You can use Cash App Taxes via the banking tab on the mobile app. File Now, Estimate Refund options, and a link for those previously filed with Credit Karma Tax is available on an intermission screen. Particularly for Cash App Taxes, not Cash App in General, the software will first ask you to set a password before using your Social Security card number to verify your identification.

Although Cash App Taxes has access to many IRS forms and timetables, its interview-style filing procedure could be more robust. There is no navigation bar. To access the various sections of your return, return to the Tax home page. There is also a need for more content for tax assistance and technical support. All form entries have a question mark icon. However, the instructions are concise and frequently point to the IRS website for more details. Additionally, a live chat is available for website problems and basic tax queries. However, there is also no phone assistance or assurance that you will speak with a tax expert.

How to Utilize Cash App Taxes on a Desktop Computer

With Cash App Taxes, you can file using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, the login procedure for the web-based application is different. Cash App Taxes will send you a text SMS to your phone each time you log in to the desktop app, including a link for identification verification. If you need help checking in on your computer, open the app on your mobile device and go to the Money page. After logging in, attempt the desktop sign-in procedures once more.

Due to Cash App Taxes’ lack of support for submitting forms, you might have to input a lot of data which would be much easier to do using a keyboard. The standard desktop login method is a slight irritation. However, if you’re focusing on a lengthy task or logging in frequently, it could get progressively unpleasant. Cash App Taxes allows you to take pictures of W-2 forms. However, I could not use this feature with an Android tablet or a desktop web browser (Chrome or Opera).

Although you can utilize Cash App on both a desktop and a mobile app, moving between the two may need some help. W-2 data took nearly an hour to transmit from the application for mobile submission to the computer, whereas data like dependents and charitable contributions synced instantly. Although dependents and charitable expenses synced right away, it took about an hour for W-2 information to transfer from the mobile app to the website. While converting between the browser programs and the mobile app, we sometimes encountered some unsightly error screens.

Additional Noteworthy Aspects of Cash App Taxes

Correct Calculations and the Highest Refund are two of Cash App Taxes’ commitments. The Accurate Calculations Guarantee will reimburse up to $1,000 if the company makes a mistake that results in IRS fines.

It also offer a full year of free audit protection. The audit defense protection is extended to three years if you use Cash App again in 2023.

Taxpayers can print their returns and mail them in or file them electronically. Cashapp Taxes advises printing forms from the desktop version. Tax refunds can be sent to your Cash App account, straight into your bank account, or delivered to you as a cheque.


Cash App Taxes offers a straightforward mobile choice for taxpayers searching for a free edition that won’t compromise on forms and timetables. It is a preferable option for do-it-yourselfers and taxpayers who are comfortable filing their taxes due to the absence of complete tax support. There is no reason for Cash App users who have previously downloaded the mobile app. They are not prohibited from using Cash App Taxes not to test it.

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