7 Exquisite Features to Make Skullcandy Crusher Evo Headphones a Must Buy

If your first preference regarding audio products is anything but Skullcandy, perhaps you should change your perception now. While the market doesn’t consider the company for great audio devices, it’s best known for affordable earbuds. This article reviews Skullcandy Crusher Evo with Bluetooth 5.00 and an adjustable bass slider. Let’s check out the pros and cons and price of the product. 

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Features

Skullcandy Crusher Evo has both pros and cons.


  • Sound quality
  • Bluetooth 5.00
  • Bass slider
  • Battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Efficient playback control
  • Portable design


  • Discomfort
  • Bulky
  • No Bluetooth multipoint
  • Cheap buttons
  • Discomfort
  • No aptX, only AAC and SBC
  • Rubberized headband pulls on the hair

Is Skull candy Crusher Evo Durable and Comfortable?

Crusher Evo is an easy-to-use headphone. However, it has some issues that make it inconvenient to some extent. Apart from the headband, which is made of soft rubber and felt material, the other parts of it are made of plastic. So, you may find it challenging to keep the device intact while carrying it inside a stuffed backpack.

But, unlike other hardshell cases of top-tier audio products, the headphone case is satisfying. The roll-top carrying case of Skull candy Crusher Evo is cool enough, with a buckle instead of a zipper. Besides, there are rotating ear cups and folding hinges, making it easy to put it folded in the case.

The headphone is quite comfortable but still has some drawbacks. The soft rubber material on the bottom of the headphone may stick to your hair sometimes. But there is a small cutout, just like the Skull candy Crusher Wireless, to reduce the headphone pressure on the head. It makes the headphone more comfortable for use for a long time.

The ear cups can rotate 180, which is convenient for hanging the headphones around your neck. Or it’s also good if you want to stash it away. However, the sizeable plush ear cup padding may make some people uneasy. The huge ear cups may even look like a helmet. Overall, it’s good, but it’s not slim.

The bass control slider and the playback buttons are along the two edges of the ear cups. The orange button beside the left ear cup gives the Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones a charming look and serves two crucial functions – power and pairing.

If you ignore that the plastic buttons produce a sound during a click, the controls work smoothly. Playing or pausing music, skipping between tracks, adjusting volumes, and activating the phone’s assistant are effortless.

Skullcandy App

As you get a detailed Skullcandy Crusher Evo review, you may think that you should use the Skullcandy app to use it. Well, you don’t need to, but it’ll still be suitable to use the app. The app has two useful features. The first is a hearing test to measure your hearing and adjust the headphone accordingly. This feature serves the needs of individual users and also protects the users from suffering hearing loss. The users often can’t realize that higher volume may affect their hearing ability. This tool creates a customized sound for each user to make his music listening more enjoyable and a risk-free experience.

Secondly, you can activate the built-in Tile functionality through this app. Tile is the service to help you track small things like wallets or keys by attaching beacons to them. Similarly, you can activate this service through the app in your Crusher Evo headphone to find it.

Once you allow the app to track your headphone’s location, it can find it through the app. But remember, tracking your headphone means the app or Tile is tracking you. If you don’t want it to have your data, you must deny the permissions or never turn the feature on.

How is the Connection?

Skullcandy Crusher Evo doesn’t usually face a connection problem, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec compatibility. However, you can’t take advantage of streaming services as it has no LDAC or aptX. It may sometimes be problematic to use it on an Android device. If you can’t use wireless, there is a standard 3.5mm audio cable.

How to Pair it?

If this Skullcandy Crusher Evo review satisfies you enough to buy one, power the headphone on by pressing the orange button beside the left ear cup. The rest of the process for a first-time pairing up is as follows:-

  • Once you power it on, it automatically enters pairing mode.
  • Go to device settings, then.
  • Go to Bluetooth and find Crusher Evo from the available devices.
  • Click to connect.

When you need to pair the headphones to another device, power them off and press the orange button for five seconds to enter pairing mode again. The next steps are the same as above.

Battery Life

Skull candy Crusher Evo has a minimum battery life of forty hours in case of nonstop playback. Sometimes it’s almost sixty-seven hours that headphones will keep entertaining you without charging.

Sound Quality and Microphones

The sound quality is impressive, and the bass slider provides a more enjoyable experience. You can hear the lower notes of deep voices a little louder than usual with this microphone.

Final Words

So, should you buy Skullcandy Crusher Evo? Priced around $200, it’s the best choice for those who want to use it for only one device. In case of switching between multiple devices, it won’t be a solid choice. A good sound quality, versatile build, and perfect battery life make it a good buy, apart from the haptic bass.

However, you may rethink because of its bulky, not-so-comfortable ear cups, lack of multipoint and other features like active noise canceling.

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