why is one airpod louder than the other? 5 Methods to Repair

You could find that one of your AirPods sound louder than the other one if you use them for a prolonged period. Due to differences in sound intensity, the louder AirPod is the source of the sound rather than the middle of the head. why is one airpod louder than the other? Let’s address that in this session. We’ll also talk about remedies to address this issue in the interim.

How to Change the Apple AirPods’ Volume on an iPhone?

As you further debug, examine the AirPods’ current volume setting. You may confirm that the airpods volume too low to hear by pressing the volume rocker up once when your headphones are connected to an iPhone or iPad. Another thing you may do is see whether your smartphone is muted.

You may want to know how to make airpods louder on a Mac. You may change the volume by hitting the volume up key on the keyboard or by selecting the volume symbol in the menu bar and sliding the slider to the right.

why is one airpod louder than the other?

So, why is one of my airpods louder than the other ? Here is the answer. Being non-technical, we cannot be sure of the causes of the AirPod sound issue. Either faulty hardware or defective software might be at blame. One AirPod may seem louder due to a broken AirPod, audio imbalance, or connection issue.

Waste buildup in the AirPods earpiece is the most frequent cause of the sound problem. Ear wax makes up the majority of the waste material. If AirPods are not adequately cared for, dust particles might get trapped in ear wax and cover the primary speakers. The lifespan of AirPods may be extended with routine cleaning.

We’ll review some typical techniques in the following sections to solve software issues or fix AirPods that aren’t working correctly.

Exploring 5 Solutions

Are you aware of why is one airpod louder than the other? is a common complaint among AirPod users. Here are a few answers to this issue.

1. A Tidy AirPod

The AirPods from Apple are not resistant to moisture or dust. As a result, while they are in the charging case, dust can settle on the AirPods, and other particles like ear wax and dirt can build up on them. Try using a gentle brush to clean your AirPods before using it softly on your speakers. When cleaning the speakers, wipe them with a soft, clean cloth. Also, clean the charging case.

You can solve the issue of “why is one airpod louder than the other” by doing this.

2. Check Your iPhone’s Audio Balance

Try changing the audio if you notice that the two AirPods sound different. By default, the new AirPods’ audio balance is set in the Centre. But occasionally, the audio balance is inadvertently changed to the right or left. One AirPods will sound louder than the other due to this imbalance in sound correction. Because of this, some consumers question why one of their AirPods is quieter than the other. If so, try adjusting the settings until both AirPods produce the same sound.

Apple customers can try this patch to solve their difficulties because it works frequently.

3. Forgot to Remove Your Device’s AirPods

Try to forget and reconnect AirPods with your iPhone to address the issue of why my right AirPod is louder than my left. The AirPods will restart if failed and then connect again, which could fix the problem. It will enable a new connection.

4. Reset the AirPods

We have two AirPods; why is one louder than the other? And restarting it may address additional connectivity or battery issues. Your device’s factory settings are reinstated if you reset them.

5. Visiting the Apple Service Centre

Your main concern should be determining whether your AirPods are defective or damaged if none of those mentioned above fixes resolve the problem of why one AirPod is louder than the other. Visit the Apple service location and request a replacement.

The technicians will inspect your AirPods at the Apple service location to look for any problems. You are entitled to a free replacement pair of AirPods if it has any issues. They are also available online, where you may talk to them and find a solution.


why is one airpod louder than the other? It is a common gripe among Apple consumers. This issue has a lot of solutions. You may attempt to clean your AirPod and remove any earwax buildup, reset AirPods, remove AirPods from your iPhone, and change the audio balance. If your iOS system has specific issues, you may download ReiBoot to your PC.

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