Why Costco Business Center is an Amazing Place for Business Shoppers?

Most people in the USA know Costco warehouses, but many don’t know what a Costco business center is. Although these warehouses are similar to the regular Costco warehouses, they are actually smaller branches of the brand. If you ever visited any of its twenty-three locations in the US, you must know why it’s a business center. It has created a new definition of the word “bulk.”

Costco business centers basically cater to business owners, but all Costco members can access them online or offline, even if they don’t own a business. The difference between a business center and a regular Costco warehouse lies in their products. While the products Costco business centers sell are only delivered to business centers, you can just pay a visit, which will overwhelm you.

What is a Costco Business Center?

Costco business center is quite different from average warehouse clubs. More than 70% of its products aren’t available in those regular warehouses. The target customers of the products are mainly small businesses. Costco warehouses are famous for their bulk items, and “bulk” here means no less than forty pounds of bags of potatoes and fifty pounds of onions.

There are twenty-three Costco business center locations in the US. Most of them are in California, while cities like Dallas, Minneapolis, and Phoenix also have them.

The stores keep a wide variety of useful things for business owners. Once you enter a store, you can find office supplies, food and beverages, and janitorial items. Besides, you can buy groceries and other restaurant supplies. You may feel like you have never shopped as you reach a store.

Products Offered by Costco Business Centers

  • Electronics
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Office Supplies
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Groceries
  • Beverages
  • Disposables
  • Janitorial
  • Candy and Snacks

Some Costco business centers have gas stations or food courts too. The business centers won’t offer you food samples, but you can have some quick snacks at their food court if they have one. You won’t get a pair of shoes, jewelry, or an extensive collection of clothes here. But if you have a snack counter, you can get bulk food and beverage items here.

There is a variety of cookies, canned beverages, chocolate drinks, and soda available in the centers.

Who Can Shop from Costco Business Centers? 

The products are sold in large amounts, which everyday consumers may not need. But they are helpful for owners of vending machines, snack counters, or convenience stores.

You may be surprised to see jars of mayonnaise or a bucket of soy sauce and people buying them in gallons.

The walk-in refrigerator of these business centers is quite luscious for lovers of dairy products and meat.

You will get a massive amount of cheese, eggs, and frozen fries here as well.

The janitorial products are also huge, like 5,400 feet dispenser towels and large boxes of disposable food containers.

Also, you will get big bags of green beans and jars of granulated garlic.

Evidently, this store is called a business center as it’s not a shopper who lives with two people. It’s for business owners. Additionally, a person running a big family can store a few products from these stores to solve inflation and fat grocery bills. It may also be a good option for those hosting a party or supplying food to many people for some reason.

Costco Business Center Hours

The business centers open earlier than regular Costco stores. On weekdays, you can find a Costco business center open from 7 pm to 6 pm and 7 pm to 4 pm on Saturdays. The stores remain closed on Sundays, along with major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. If you order something online from the store on or around a holiday, the delivery may be delayed. On the other hand, if order from Costco business centers is delivered when your business is closed, it’s returned to be delivered another day. In that case, Costco charges redelivery fees.

Therefore, business owners can visit the center before starting their daily work.

However, there are differences between two types of warehouses, and timing is just one of them.

Nonetheless, you can find one or two products for your small household, like protein bags and olive oil containers.

Costco Business Center Locations      

Costco has its store locator for you to find which business center is near you. While twenty-three Costco business center locations are scattered in the US, you can use Costco warehouse finder and out correct filter to find one.

Apart from Costco business center San Jose, the other twenty-two locations are:-

  1. Phoenix, AZ
  2. Ontario, CA
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Westminster, CA
  6. Commerce, CA
  7. Burbank, CA
  8. Hayward, CA
  9. Hawthorne, CA
  10. San Diego, CA
  11. Orlando, FL
  12. South San Fransisco, CA
  13. Sacramento, CA
  14. Morrow, GA
  15. Minneapolis, MN
  16. Bedford Park, IL
  17. Hackensack, NJ
  18. Dallas, TX
  19. Salt Lake City, UT
  20. Stafford, TX
  21. Lynnwood, WA
  22. Fife, WA

All these Costco business centers deliver to your business address except Hackensack. You can call the stores or chat with their customer support representatives online for assistance.

Benefits of Shopping in Costco Business Centers

Most regular Costco warehouses don’t house products that the Costco business centers offer. So, anyone in need of bulk items must try these Costco centers.

You can be profited from their exclusive deals, such as Costco business center coupons or discounted rates.

Apart from the food joint owners and restaurant owners, it caters to the needs of event organizers too.

Their extended hours are ideal for business owners to buy things at their convenience.

Online Instant Savings is another benefit you can get from these business centers.

Costco Business Center Membership

Accessing the business center requires a membership that doesn’t need to be a business membership. You can buy things from the center without a business membership, but reselling products mandatorily needs the same. There are four types of memberships.

  1. Gold Star Everyday Value membership for a single household costs $60 annually.
  2. Gold Star Executive Membership costing $120 per year, offers 2% rewards on eligible purchases.
  3. The Business Everyday Value membership is also $60 per year and requires signing in with information about the business.
  4. The Business Executive membership offers various benefits in purchasing products for your business. Priced at $120 per year, it offers 2% reward-eligible purchases.

You can’t enter a business center if you don’t have one of these memberships. And you must also remember that they deliver products only to business addresses. Generally, businesses in select commercial zones can get the deliveries, and those commercial zones are usually located in major metropolitan areas with Costco centers nearby.

You can enter the zip code of your business on the official website to check if it is serviceable.

Costco Business Center Orders and Delivery Prices

You can order products from the business centers through the official websites. You will get a next-day delivery if you order between 3 pm Monday to Friday. If there is a stock shortage, the delivery will get delayed.

You can shop from a regular Costco warehouse even if you run your business from home.

The delivery fee is $25 for orders under $250.

You should have an account for placing an order. You have to get proper licensing and show it before ordering products. The customer should be 21 years old to purchase from a Costco business center.

Final Words

Finally, a Costco business center is a unique destination for shoppers who run businesses. If you are not a business owner, you can still join and visit the brilliant place. The hours are convenient, and the wide range of products is enough to amaze you.

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