One Airpod Not Working? 6 Most Common Issues & Solutions

We all love listening to music on AirPods while traveling or sitting idly. But when you find one AirPod not working, you will surely feel annoyed. Do you know why such issues happen? It may be a charging problem, software bugs, Bluetooth issues, or incorrect settings. So, if you face this problem, you might need some troubleshooting to solve it.

What to Do When one AirPod Not Working?

Facing issues with AirPods when you need them is quite irritating. However, you have to know why is one AirPod not working. In case you can’t find the exact reason, try to eliminate all possible issues. Let’s know how to fix your AirPod and ensure a blissful journey or leisure time.

Charging Issues

The most apparent reason behind the problem may be improper charging. See if both the AirPods along with the charging case are charged. You can plug the case into a Lightning power connector by placing the malfunctioning AirPod inside. After thirty seconds, open the charging case near your iPad or iPhone. Check if the AirPod and the case appear on your device and whether the device says they are charging. Once you get a green signal, put the AirPods into your ears and verify if both are working correctly. If it’s still not working, you have to find out why is one AirPod not working but charged.

Reset the AirPod

If you see one AirPod not working despite having no charging issues, considering a complete reset is a good idea. Place them in the charging case while keeping the lid open, and hold the setup button on its backside for fifteen seconds. The status light on the charging case will flash amber and white during resetting. Once the reset is complete, you can again pair your AirPods. You need to place the open case with the AirPods inside it near your iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions coming on the screen to get the devices paired up.

Turning the Device Off and Then Switching it On

Although you might be laughing while reading this, the most favorite words of IT help desk personnel actually work sometimes. When you can’t understand why is only one AirPod connecting, you should initially try turning it off and then turn it on again.

For the unversed, different models require different methods to restart the devices. Users having newer iPhones and iPads need to hold the “power” and “volume down” buttons for a while to see the “slide to power off” option. Older users only have to hold the power button to get the same “power off” slider. It’s wise to check the method that applies to your particular device before trying. Once you have turned off the device and turned it on, connect the AirPods to check if both are working.

Clean the AirPods

Sometimes, you may wonder why is only one AirPod working, but you haven’t cleaned them for many days. You need to inspect the microphone and speaker mesh of your AirPods. You may sometimes see visible obstructions to them due to dust. Cleaning your AirPods is obviously a common solution when an AirPod is malfunctioning. Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior; for the speaker grilles, you need dry cotton swabs. Never use water or sharp and harsh objects to clean the AirPods.

Check the Stereo Balance

Navigate to “Settings” and go to “Accessibility.” Click on the “Audio/Visual” option and find the “Balance” slider. Now see if the slider is in the middle, not too left or right. If the slider is more toward the right, your right AirPod will offer louder audio, and you will hardly listen to any sound from the left side. If it’s perfectly in the middle, both the AirPods will provide audio evenly. So, this might have been why only one AirPod working.   

Contact Apple

What if your problem remains after troubleshooting and fixing all the issues? When you can’t, in any way, understand why is only one AirPod connecting, you should contact Apple. Only their technical support may detect and solve your problem then. You can contact them online or walk to an Apple store with the AirPods.

Final words

It would be great to find out why one AirPod not working and fix the issue at home. But if you can’t, don’t wait before contacting Apple and ensuring you can groove to your favorite tracks all day.

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