Joy Ride 2023: A Raunchy and Hilarious Comedy Movie

Adele Lim, the co-writer of Raya and the Last Dragon and Crazy Rich Asians, makes his directorial debut with Joy Ride. It is a 92-minute road trip comedy movie with a heartwarming undertone that touches the right chords.  Joy Ride 2023 is an attempt at doing another Bridesmaid, evidenced by the strong energy that peaks early but fails to retain the momentum as it tries too hard. The raunchy road movie with an all-female Asian cast is an Asian American venture released in the USA on July 7. The unique cast of the film, which includes a non-binary actor, is generating a lot of interest among comedy lovers. The movie proves that Asian American comedians can be just as raunchy, funny, and successful as their male counterparts.

Joy Ride 2023 – Storyline

Audrey and Lolo are the only Chinese American kids who became best friends when they first met in a predominantly white town named White Hills. Lolo is spunky and outspoken and is ready to go up in arms every time she faces some racist comment hurled towards her. Adopted by white parents, Audrey grows up to become a hot-shot lawyer and, despite contrasting personalities, continues the friendship with the boisterous Lolo. Audrey is a reserved woman and a successful lawyer who goes well with her male colleagues such as Kevin or Michael. On the other hand, Lolo is an extrovert sex-positive artist strongly who has roots in her heritage. A racial undertone throughout the Joy Ride movie portrays how the characters face daily labelling and judgment despite others not intentionally trying to hurt them.

With Lolo acting as an interlocutor, Audrey plans a trip to Beijing with her and two other characters, including Lolo’s lonely cousin Deadeye and Audrey’s college best friend, Kat.  Audrey’s primary goal for the trip is to strike a deal and rope in a Chinese client as a partner in her firm while trying to search for her biological mother. Although the thematic elements of the Joyride movie revolve around identity and friendship, there are ample doses of sizzling hot comedy that flourishes on debauchery and a series of madcap adventures.

The cast and crew

Ashley Park, as Audrey, leads the cast, ably supported by Sherry Cola, portraying the role of Lolo. Sabrina Wu plays the exciting role of the only non-binary character of Deadeye. And Stephanie Su essays the role of Kat to perfection. Other actors include David Denman as Joe Sullivan, Anny Mumolo as Mary Sullivan, Desmond Chiam as Clarence, and Alexander Hodge as Todd.

Adele Lim wears many hats as the director, producer, and screenplay writer of Joy Ride 2023. The other producers are Cherry Chevaprvatdumrong, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Josh Fagen, Seth Rogen, and Teresa Hsiao. The film explores the questions of identity faced by Asians and stereotypes. The characters are also subjected to the expectations with which it deals. This R–rated movie is a unique blend of raunchy humor with a real heart and a journey to finding who you are.

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