Does Rick Grimes Really Reprise His Role in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8?

The eighth and last season of Fear the Walking Dead, with an unexpected seven-year time jump, kicked off Sunday night. Many speculations, assumptions, and rumors were evolving around season 8 of the wildly popular show. As it’s the final season, fans were all gossiping about the bang it will come with ever since its premiere on 14 May 2023 was confirmed, and the trailer was out. Fans were talking much about Rick Grimes, also. Is the character from The Walking Dead back in the series finale of its spinoff? Stay tuned to know everything.

Who is Rick Grimes?

Rick Grimes, a protagonist in The Walking Dead, is the survivor of the outbreak in Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln played the fictional character. The series had eleven seasons, and nine of them featured Rick. Lincoln’s role was one of the main reasons behind people’s love and appreciation for the series. And it was also one of the leading causes behind the series’s downfall.

However, The Walking Dead has several spinoffs, among which Fear the Walking Dead is the first. Fear the Walking Dead season 8 trailer hinted a link to the original show The Walking Dead. While the spinoff continues in the same world but tells a different story, some characters are connected. Walking Dead Morgan is also in the final season of Fear the Walking Dead. As the trailer, which conveyed the final season’s premiere on 14 May 2023, linked back to the original show, the character of Rick got new hype. Moreover, the trailer released in March set high expectations among the fans of the zombie-fighting adventure. But nobody expected the series finale will start with such a time fly.

Season 8 Fear the Walking Dead

The eighth season of the spinoff of the American post-apocalyptic horror AMC series is here. The trailer hinted that Morgan Jones returns to Georgia, the Kind’s Country where he first met Rick Grimes, Walking Dead.

For those unversed, Morgan Jones, portrayed by Lennie James, is one of the main characters of the original TWD series. He is one of the few characters that continued to be part of the story in the spinoff.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Let’s now talk about season 8, Fear the Walking Dead. The spinoff has taken the biggest time leap in TWD franchise history. The season finale premiered on Sunday night and showed Morgan Walking Dead and Madison (Kin Dickens) trying to rescue baby Mo from PADRE. Madison backs up Morgan in saving Mo from PADRE.

The seventh season showed them arriving at the mysterious PADRE community, and season 8 began in its immediate aftermath. While Morgan and Madison attempt to reclaim the captured Mo., the story skips ahead seven years. The time skip sets up the ending of Fear the Walking Dead directly, with a lot of off-screen actions happening during the time jump. Mo plays a crucial part in the final mission, similar to Judith Grimes’ role in TWD’s final season.

Rick Grimes Walking Dead and Morgan Walking Dead Reunion?

Season 8 Fear the Walking Dead is split into two parts, each comprising six episodes. The first six episodes debut the time jump, and the next part with the final six episodes will probably follow Morgan and Madison trying to take down PADRE. The next part of the season will likely come on AMC later this year.

However, as the showrunners teased, the characters will reunite to join forces. Whereas the never-seen-before version of Madison will bring a storm to PADRE, reuniting with Rick Grimes is not impossible either.

What Happens Next?

As of now, Rick Grimes is far from his hometown when Morgan visits the King’s Country. But Lennie James earlier talked about Morgan’s final mission: finding peace in caring for his loved ones. So, a closure after the reunion with Rick is possible. On the other hand, AMC plans several Walking Dead films that focus on Rick and Lincoln are all set to reprise.

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