Apple Beats Flex: Excellent Sound but Lacks Stability

Rating: 4/5

The Apple Beats Flex is the best value available. This headgear has many unique features as the AirPods, although at a lesser price. Despite the subpar sound and unreliable microphone, they are a solid pair of inexpensive wireless earbuds.

You might not recall, but Apple just spent a sizable chunk of money to purchase Beats. Although it also functions with Android phones, the Beats Flex has features exclusive to Apple devices. This Apple Beats Flex review contains everything you need to know.

How Does the Apple Beats Flex Feel to Use?

The Beats Flex is ideal for daily usage because of how lightweight the soft-touch material makes the headset. This is advantageous if you intend to wear the neckband all day. The cables are so long that you’ll have to cope with large loops where the earphones join to the neckband. The wire will not tangle in your pocket.

The Beats Flex is a little simpler to hold when the earbuds are magnetically linked together when not in use. They pause your music when they are clutched together. The moment they are separated, the music resumes. When you take a call, the headset takes over.

The fit with the earphones is adequate but could be better. They do not fall out but constantly feel like they would. To address this, Beats offers a few additional sets of ear tips.

The double-flanged tips are the ones that fit my ears the best, but your results may vary. The fit should be manageable as long as you don’t intend to exercise while wearing this. The Beats Flex earphones work flawlessly for regular tasks; however, it lacks an official IP classification to guard against water damage.

How Reliable is Beats Flex’s Connection?

The Apple music Beats Flex has exceptional connection strength when weighed against other truly wireless headphones. This rocks Bluetooth 5.0 since it supports the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. Using an Android smartphone might present some issues because, based on our studies, AAC has OS compatibility issues. However, your hardware may also play a role. AAC is quite enough at this pricing despite the surprising lack of aptX support.

Battery Capacity

The Apple Beats Flex has a 12-hour battery life claim, but when we put it to the test by playing music until the battery died, we got a little less than that. The Flex’s battery life was 10 hours and 24 minutes until it completely went out.

Sound Quality

The bassline is too loud when there is no background noise. It makes sense because bass sounds are adjusted to be twice as loud as low-midrange tones.

Additionally, there is a fair deal of focus in the upper mids, which boosts the loudness of the vocals in songs and podcasts. The same holds true for podcast listening since the enhanced frequency range improves speech understanding.

Is it Worth Buying?

The Apple Beats Flex is an excellent option for those who simply listen to music and podcasts. It becomes a fantastic option with superb battery life, USB-C charging, strong connectivity, and, most importantly, the $50 price tag. Sure, there are a few things it doesn’t have, such as a quality microphone system, perspiration resistance, and correct frequency response, but all of these are acceptable, given the price.

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