AirTag Holder: Ensure the Safety of Your Tracking Device

Accessories are self-contained units that help enhance the devices’ looks or functionality or ensure their safekeeping. The AirTag holder belongs to the latter category. Apple users can make good use of AirTags, which are unique tracking devices. When attached to any vital object like wallets, keys, bags, or whatever else, the AirTag can help to track these anywhere. If you need to take proper care of the safekeeping of essential objects and always fear losing them, then the AirTag is the perfect tracking accessory. Despite working like a device, the AirTag is an accessory because you need the Apple Find My App to activate the tracker. However, your concerns about losing objects might not lessen even with the tracker, which you might lose too because it doesn’t have any holder.

Accessories for your AirTag Holder

It’s interesting that the accessory that it is, the AirTag, would need some other accessory to assure users that they can safely use the AirTag without fearing losing it.  Having an apple AirTag case relieves AirTag users from fearing losing the tracker.  Besides the AirTag case, numerous accessories have different options for attaching the tracker to suit users’ convenience. Although you do not always need a holder to embed the AirTag into any object, as you can put it inside the backpack or purse, people still prefer to attach the tracker to their backpack or keys.

Here are some of the best AirTag accessories available for under $20.

Otterbox AirTag Case

The maker prefers to call the AirTag keychain holder a Rugged Case that forms a secure enclosure for your AirTag. The solid plastic construction of the circular case comes in two halves. Unscrew the top piece, place the AirTag in the groove of the other half and screw the top back to hold the AirTag securely in the case. The list price of the case, available in black and white colors, is $20, but you might get it at $15 if you shop around.

Belkin Secure Holder

If you prefer a strap over the AirTag key ring type of AirTag holder, then you have the option available with Belkin Secure holder in both types. The simple accessories are of high utility and do not have any fancy design because it’s as good as you can expect at only $11, which is much cheaper than the branded Apple holders. Buying a par is even cheaper as it would cost $20.

Apple Leather Key Ring

For those with brand fascination, the Apple Leather key ring is the last word in securing AirTags because it is a perfect blend of utility and style. Flashing the Apple logo at the center of the leather cushioned key ring is expensive at $35. You can choose from three colors – saddle brown, red and black.

Cyrill AirTag Case Cover

The Cyrill AirTag case cover is a faux leather keychain available in black and stone for $18 on Amazon.

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