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As Bill Gates said, “content is king” is indeed true only if the content adds value to fellow readers. Sincere, edifying, and genuine content ensures a better connection with every reader and aids them to remain enticed. As passionate quality content facilitators, we strive hard to bridge the gap between readers and writers through their churned-out content.

Hence, we invite you to IHQ Reviews, a platform of well-versed authors, wherein, fervent writers can submit their quality and authentic content after registration. Experience a stress-free process of reaching out to fellow readers with the in-depth knowledge you have shared in the write-ups for submission. We accept various guest posts at IHQ Reviews, such as 

  • Technical product reviews with original snapshots or video of the product and written explanation.
  • Software or applications with original screenshots to explain its specifications and functions.
  • Game reviews with original pictures and walkthroughs.
  • Comparison between two or more products, games, software, or applications with proper and understandable explanation and media.

Submission Criteria:

    1. We maintain specific content standards and follow a benchmark at IHQ Reviews.
    2. Originality and authenticity of content are sternly followed by us.
    3. We expect an optimum article length of word count that ranges between 800 to 1000 words.
    4. Plagiarism is a big no-no! Copy-pasted content will not be entertained at any cost, with subsequent termination of content acceptance from the same source.
    5. We acknowledge time and effort, henceforth, don’t forget to mention reference or give credits to the creators of the visuals you use (if any) in your content.
    6. Ensure that if you want to include images in the article, the images have a copyright licence or are downloaded from non-copyright-required sources. It is necessary for each image to have its own URL and source details.

    So, submit guest post content of authentic and high quality, and we will help you obtain visibility through your writings.

    Have a great time writing!!

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