Maid- A Poignant Memoir And A Brilliant Adaptation

maid netflix web series
Time and again Hollywood has come up with films and television series that portray the ills existent in society. The help, for instance, would...

The Baby-Sitters Club- Catching Up With Season 2

the baby sitters club
Usually, when books get adapted into series or movies, there are many changes that follow. And seldom are those changes good. In most cases,...

Peaky Blinders- the Journey Till Now and a Sneak Peek Into...

peaky blinders
With season six just around the corner Peaky Blinders, fans are awaiting its release with much anticipation while there’s also a new set of...

Falling Inn Love- Classic Tropes But Fresh Look

falling in love
With the pandemic taking a toll on me I decided to switch from the more intense plots of Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders to...

Always Be My Maybe- Watch It Maybe or Maybe Not

always be my may be
Hollywood is filled with clichés. Well, you cannot really blame it all on the industry. When you keep on using classical tropes it tends...

13 Reasons Why- Worthier Than The Book

13 reasons why
One thing that I need to make clear before I actually go into discussing and backing up the reason behind the title of my...

What Does The Dune Trailer Predict?

One thing that I always recommend is that never to watch a movie whose book you have read or could read. The book is...

No Time To Die- An Extravaganza Alike Bond’s Charisma

No Time To Die
Bond has resigned from active service. He is now living his days in peace in Jamaica in No Time To Die. His tranquility is...

A Quiet Place 2 – “Most People Had Finally Given Up...

A quiet place 2
A few years back, in 2018 to be precise, the world witnessed a masterpiece of a film – A Quiet Place. The movie showed...

Squid Game- Takeshi’s Castle But With a Dark Twist

Squid game
In most parts of the globe, money equals life. People living in capitalist nations are obliged to organize their lives keeping in mind their capacity to...
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