Top 5 Christmas Movies To Eradicate Sadness

featured image
The idea of Christmas movies in your head must be one that brings in a feeling of nostalgia to you. But you might not...

The Eternals- a Pioneering Step Towards Something Great

marvel eternal
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided its fans with some 26 brilliant movies all loaded with amazing cinematic experiences. The 26th of the 26...

Top 5 Movies To Catch Up With If You Are A...

Top 5 Movies To Catch Up With If You Are A Sci-Fi Lover
Can you name all the movies that the science fiction genre has? Obviously not, right?! That is a task next to impossible. And a...

There’s Someone Inside Your House- Promising Potential But Disorderly Delivery

There’s Someone Inside Your House feature image
Oftentimes there are films that have a very promising premise and plot but do not quite deliver the same. There are many loopholes at...

Lost In Space Season 3- the Conclusion to the Epic Sci-Fi...

As Ron D. Moore is to Glen A. Larson’s Battlestar Galactica, Zack Estrin is to Irwin Allen’s Lost In Space. Estrin reimagines one of...

Is Mindhunter Worth a Watch and the 3rd Season Really Canceled?

Starting from memes on social media to the binge lists of crime genre lovers, one name that had recently become quite popular is “Mindhunter”....

My Name- Not the Best nor the Worst

Feature Image of Your Name Movies
There was a time when western movies, more specifically Hollywood movies, dominated the category of good movies. However, things are changing slowly but steadily....

“You” Season 3- A Look At The Road Ahead

you web series
Browning’s abnormal lovers are known for their exaggerated amount of love for their partners and their desire to gain eternal possession over their soulmates....

Maid- A Poignant Memoir And A Brilliant Adaptation

maid netflix web series
Time and again Hollywood has come up with films and television series that portray the ills existent in society. The help, for instance, would...

The Baby-Sitters Club- Catching Up With Season 2

the baby sitters club
Usually, when books get adapted into series or movies, there are many changes that follow. And seldom are those changes good. In most cases,...
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