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2048 Original, 2048 Classic Swipe Game, Ghost Town Adventures, and Lucid Dream Adventure are some of the mindboggling puzzle games available online.

Bored Button Games- The Narnia Cupboard For Games

bored button game
You know those long plane journeys or those long bus rides when you do not have anyone else to talk to or, worse, you...

Fashion Dress Up- Play and Dress

Fashion Dress Up- Play and Dress
At times the turbulent themes of intense games such as Assassin’s Creed do not feel that alluring. Sometimes you just feel like laying back...

Plants vs. Zombies Game Review

plant vs zombies
Plants vs Zombies are, fortunately, smart and challenge-oriented, offering mini-games, puzzles, and the way they survive. This is a beautiful and accessible game and...

Fantasian Game Review

This is a product of the industry legends behind the Final Fantasy series, and it is available on the Apple Arcade. This breathtaking RPG...

The Forgotten Hill: Disillusion- Daunting and Haunting

The forgotten hill
Forgotten Hill: Disillusion, is developed by FM Studio. It is the fifth major narrative title, but the sixth overall. The Forgotten Hill games have...

100 Room XII- Can You Escape?

100 room XII
There are not many games for people who like thrill but do not really find the same in hit and slash games. You want...

Peek a Phone – Mystery Game Connecting the Dots

peek a phone game
Mystery and detective genres are two of the most popular ones irrespective of the field in context. No matter how many games or movies...

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Review – Work-Out Regime for Your Mind

brain test tricky puzzle
Puzzles never go out of fashion. No matter how great a fan of Batman you are, you cannot disagree that whenever the Riddler comes...

Box It Up! Inc. Review – The Head-scratching Puzzle Game

Box it up
On the surface when a game looks like Box It Up! Inc., there is not much that could possibly go wrong to put the...

Sand Balls – Puzzle Game

sand balls puzzle game
Latch the ball: In this hectic work schedule don’t you want a moment when you can simply relax but at the same time enjoy and...
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