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Alien Apocalypse, Happy Hunting with Deer Hunting Game, and Alien Shooter – The Beginning are some of the best action games you will find on the web.

War Robots Game Review

war robots
Pixonic, a Russian game firm, created and marketed War Robots as a mobile app game. In the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode, it’s a...

Fantasian Game Review

This is a product of the industry legends behind the Final Fantasy series, and it is available on the Apple Arcade. This breathtaking RPG...

PUBG Game Review

PUBG game
The world was torched in 2017 in player battlefields (PUBG). It sold millions and produced the royal frenzy at present that we are experiencing...

Lost Lands 6- An Experience like None Other

lost lands 6
F2P games are everywhere. The Google Play store is filled with various games from this genre. The main struggle though is to find a...

Shadow Fight 3- Keeping Up With the Legacy

shadow fight 3
If you are a fighting game fanatic, it is obvious that you know about the new Shadow Fight 3. It keeps up with the...

Botworld Review – A Game that Lets You Collect Scraps and...

From the developers of the popular game Rodeo Stampede, Botworld is an RPG monster-battler akin to the Pokémon series where players’ main objective is to...

Apple Knight – Game for the Action Platformers

apple knight game
There are few action platformers that gauge my interest in a smartphone simply because of the lack of explorative options available compared to console...

Days After Zombie Review: A Game that Keeps You Alert &...

Days After Zombie
Zombie shoot-em-ups are always fun and a good time-passer. That’s what Days After Zombie Games offers, a simple classic hack and slash game with...

Xbox- Series X or Series S? – A Review to Help...

xbox series x
There are a lot of benefits of using consoles while playing. One of the best advantages of playing on a console is that you...

Returnal- A PS5 Exclusive by Housemarque

Housemarque is known for producing games that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, that is in a good sense of course. You know...
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