The  Five Best Holiday Reads In 2021

featured image of vaccation reads
Reading helps one to discover themselves. A   good book opens up many new dimensions of likes and dislikes. While reading a book, one gets...

Books To Shelve This Year – A Precious List for Bookworms

books Shelve
Fall is here, which means that just as kids return to their reading stacks, so do adults. It's okay if you've been slacking on your...

Billy Summers- The Hitman With A Heart

Billy Summers- The Hitman With A Heart
There are good people and there are good people. But we all know that neither of them is very realistic. Then the grey characters....

Bloodless- A Candy for Thriller Lovers

Bloodless- A Candy for Thriller Lovers
No matter if they write separately or in combination, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston are among my favorite authors. Agent Aloysius Pendergast is the protagonist of...

Descendant of the Crane- A Worthy Read

descendent of the crane
According to ancient Chinese legends, the Cranes take your soul to the heavens once your physical body dies. This book is pretty much like...

The Wife Upstairs- The New Age Jane Eyre

The wife upstairs rachel hawkins
If you are looking for a quick thriller, then this is it. “The Wife Upstairs” by Rachel Hawkins is everything that you would want...

Paris Is a Party, Paris Is a Ghost By David Hoon...

paris is a party, paris is a ghost
The novel is a celebration of the clarity in the chaos that life offers. Sure “Paris Is a Party, Paris Is a Ghost” could...

The Last Thing He Told Me- We All Have Stories We...

The Last Thing He Told Me
Mystery is one of the genres in literature that just never goes out of fashion. One can always brew up something or the other...

The Push- A Psychological Thriller

the push ashley audrain
Looking for an intense read? “The Push” is the novel you are looking for. Debutant author Ashley Audrain takes her readers on a psychological...
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