They Both Die At The End- An Engrossing Story Of Recent...

they both die at the end
The title of the novel gives away the ending of the novel. It is a rather bold move for the writer to give away...

A Crooked Tree- A Coming-of-Age Literary Fiction With An Undertone Of...

a crooked tree
The narrative is set in the early 1980s in a remote area of Pennsylvania. Libby Gallagher, 15, goes by vehicle to her mother and...

The Alchemist- A Book Full Of Potential

The alchemist
Our dreams may be a little pricey, and the book never sways from this opinion, but, it is just as Coelho had noted in...

The Kindest Lie- Good Themes That Could Have Been Explored a...

The kindest lie
In "The Kindest Lie," the focus is less on solving the mystery and more on exploring the intricate causes of racial injustice and the...

An Ordinary Age- #figuringitout

An ordinary age
“An Ordinary Age” is about the most extraordinary age of all time. It’s a tradition to cry over the era gone by, but the...

Mein Kampf- What Did The Madman Have To Say?

Mein Kampf- What Did The Madman Have To Say
“Mein Kampf”, the forbidden book, is to be read strictly from a scholarly perspective. Well, that goes by saying, but nonetheless, it is best...

Billy Summers- The Hitman With A Heart

Billy Summers- The Hitman With A Heart
There are good people and there are good people. But we all know that neither of them is very realistic. Then the grey characters....

Bloodless- A Candy for Thriller Lovers

Bloodless- A Candy for Thriller Lovers
No matter if they write separately or in combination, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston are among my favorite authors. Agent Aloysius Pendergast is the protagonist of...

Summerwater- An Escape That Truly Brings You Home

summer water
Summerwater, by Sarah Moss, takes place in the Scottish Trossachs. The events of the book take place over the span of a day of...

Empire of the Vampire- a New Age Gothic Literature

empire of vampire
Gothicism is a literary genre characterized by dark surroundings, supernatural themes, and exoticism. Writers of the gothic genre are known for using a variety...
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