Normal People- A Nuance and Vivid Piece about Life Entanglements and...

normal people
Sally Rooney's novels are fascinating fresh publications that offer a 21st-century take on insecurity and many other such emotions that are essential to coming-of-age...

Descendant of the Crane- A Worthy Read

descendent of the crane
According to ancient Chinese legends, the Cranes take your soul to the heavens once your physical body dies. This book is pretty much like...

The Book Thief- Melancholia, Love, and The Times

the thief book
“The Book Thief” is set in Germany during 1939-1943 and chronicles the narrative of Liesel, as told by Death, who has in his hands...

Three Women- a Tale of Exploration and Oppression

three women
There is no private life excluding what we experience as our public life. Both of them are interconnected and interdependent. The oppression that one...

The Four Winds- an Epic Historical Fiction by Kristin Hannah

The four winds
There are quite a few books that illustrate with brilliance the struggles of families worldwide during the Great Depression. One thing that every such...

“Olive, Again”- A Promising Sequel

olive again
“Olive, Again” follows up precisely where the first novel left off, a few days after the conclusion of “Olive Kitteridge”. “Olive, Again” is a...

The Wife Upstairs- The New Age Jane Eyre

The wife upstairs rachel hawkins
If you are looking for a quick thriller, then this is it. “The Wife Upstairs” by Rachel Hawkins is everything that you would want...

People We Meet On Vacation- A Sweet and Fresh Experience in...

people we meet on vacation
Some things are just too sweet to ignore. This novel is one of them. If you were to ask what is so new about...

Summer of ’69- Engaging and Excellent

summer of 69
Family drama is always a fun genre to explore. It shows people of all kinds as they move through life, travel difficult patches, and...

Perks of Being a Wallflower- a Book Jam-Packed with Emotions

The wallflower is a European flower which blooms in early spring. It usually has a vibrant yellow appearance. However, Wallflower is also used to...
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