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Google Chrome, Google Photos, Google News, Discord, Authy, Waze, Near Lock, Google Cloud Console, and Unfold are some well-known gadgets available in Google.

Truecaller: Caller Identification App

Preview: Truecaller app is the best free caller id and spam blocking application worldwide. It has multiple features including caller identification, call recording, call blocking, flash messaging, chatting,...

Darkroom: A Best Photo Editor Application

Preview: Darkroom app is one of the best photos and video editor application that offers users free hand casual editing. It offers users different tools including...

Google Chrome: Access the World

google chrome
Preview: Google Chrome is a web application based on the Google Chrome web browser. The Google search engine runs behind the web browser. It helps users...

Google Photos: The Best Photo Storage Application

google photos
  Preview: Google Photos app, the best photo storage application! Google Photos app is a free photo and video sharing and storage application that is developed by Google...

Google News – World and Local News Headlines

google news
Preview: Google News app is a news collector service that offers users to read, explore, and subscribe to news stories from big publishers around the...

Discord: An Instant Simple Communicating Application

Preview: Discord is a mobile application that is developed by Discord, Inc. It is a suitable platform for instant messaging, digital distribution, IP calls, or VoIP....

Best Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

google analytics
The Google Analytics app, best website monitoring apps! Google Analytics app is a mobile application that is developed by Google LLC. It is one of the...

Authy: Protect and Secure Your Data

Authy app, two-factor authentication to protect data!   Authy app is a mobile application that provides a two-factor authentication method to protect user’s online data. The application can...

Services Available in Google Cloud Console

google cloud
The Google Cloud Console, the best way to manage Google Cloud Platform services! Google Cloud Console is a mobile application that is developed by Google LLC....

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
Preview: Since the last few decades, the rate of vehicles on the roads has increased manifold. Especially in the 1st world countries like the USA...
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