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Meetup: Find events near you

meet up
Remember those days when you want to meet up or connect with someone? You had to inform and plan things much ahead. Even if...

Unfold: Story Maker and Template Editor

unfold story
The Unfold app, Instagram story maker, and template editor! Unfold app is a story maker and Instagram template editor application that offers over 300 award-winning story templates. It...

LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News & Social Networking

Preview: Are you unable to figure out what sort of jobs will be ideal for you? Or you want to have proper updates about the...

Twitter: Carry On the Conversation

Preview: What’s happening in your country? What’s Trump is thinking about his next move on the political front? What are the thoughts of your favorite...

Instagram: Click and Upload

Preview: The last decade has been a witness to several popular social media platforms, and one of them is Instagram.  The IOS version of the...

Facebook: Stay Globally Connected

facebook featured
Preview: Remember those days of writing letters to your friends and relatives, and waiting for days to get a reply. Well, such days are long...


Twilio makes sending and receiving SMS easy!   What is Twilio? It is a cloud communication platform that provides an interface for developers to make programs in...

Quora: The World’s Best Question-Answer Platform!

Quora app
Quora app is an American question-answer based online application platform. It offers users to ask any questions on a relevant topic and also offers...

NETFLIX: Watch your Favorite TV shows on Netflix App

Netflix app
The transformation of Netflix:   Unlike most apps that gained instant success, the Netflix app had a very meek beginning. The initial phase of it was...

TED TALKS: The Top Inspirational Talk Show

Ted ed
The emergence of Ted Talks: The full form of TED is Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  The brainchild of Richard Saul Wurman in the 1980s, who...
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