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Edsby: School Communication Platform

Preview: Edsby is a corporate eLearning software application. This learning management system is ideal for teachers, students, and parents to provide a better platform for online...

Streaks: The Daily Habit Tracker

Preview: Remember when you had to maintain a to-do list for the day but then you miss out on a few as you recollect everything....

Wakeout: Exercise Wherever and Whenever

Preview: Reduce weight and become fit anytime. With the advent of new techniques and technological advancement over the years, you have got a complete guide...

Yoga Studio: Train Your Mind & Body

Preview: Yoga has been attributed to human civilization from ancient times. Since the advent of this new global order, technology and science have started to...

Drinkaware: Control Your Drinking Habit

Preview: The most common problems this generation is facing are drinking and smoking. People who are chain smokers have found it extremely difficult to get...

Sleep Monitor: Sleep Cycle Track, Analysis, Music

Sleep Monitor
Preview: In this hustle and bustle of city life if there is anything that people are most deprived of is sleep. With all the advancement...

Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock

sleep cycle
Preview: These days most people are suffering from an acute shortage of sleeping hours and, in turn, not only does it affect their professional life...

Viber Messenger – Messages, Group Chats & Calls

Preview: Remember those days of writing letters to your friends and relatives? And then a long wait for their reply? Well, such days are history...

Imo: Instant Messaging App

Preview: Imo is a suitable application for instant messaging, and video calling. It is a free application and offers users a friendly interface to send text,...

SAP Litmos: eLearning LMS

SAP Litmos
Preview: SAP Litmos is a corporate eLearning platform. This is an SAP learning management system. The platform comprises a Learning Management System or LMS. Also, comprises...
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