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Dragon Box algebra 5
quick mental maths
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Photomath: Get Better in Maths

Preview: In this present situation, there have been a lot of platforms that provide free online classes to every student on a global scale. Developers...

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

Preview: In this new era, everything has been transformed and revolutionized to integrated tech-centric features. Education has been a part of this revolution since the...

Quizlet: Learn English & Languages with Flashcards

Preview: Even though English is a pretty easy language, but even then it’s a bit tricky for many. Therefore, the amazing Quizlet app is here...

TalentCards: Micro-Learning Tool Connects Globally

Preview: TalentCards is a low time-consuming microlearning application. This is a mobile learning platform that uses a microlearning technique to make users on a right track. The learning...

TalentLMS: Fast and Easy Solution Business

Preview: TalentLMS is a corporate eLearning software application. This learning management system is ideal to engage and deliver online training. This is a suitable virtual platform...

Sessions: Live Music Streaming

Preview: Since ancient times music has been a part of human culture and life. Life without music can simply be regarded as incomplete. Human beings...

Yummly: get the best-cooked food

Preview: The Yummly app is one of the wide-reaching food apps ever, which has been competent enough to influence and connect to all those personalities...

Houseparty: Let’s connect fast

Preview: When was the very last time you spoke to a friend? When was the time you lost touch with some of your closest friends...

Stridekick Activity Challenges

Preview: In this current pandemic situation when the whole world was in a complete shutdown mode, there has been a huge toll on people’s mental...

ECG App and Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification

ECG regulator app
Preview: One of the best revelations of human science has been the development of the ECG app. According to doctors, most people’s health has deteriorated...
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