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TED Talks, YouTube, and The USA Network are some of the chosen news and media apps offering videos, motivational talk shows, and movies to a huge audience.

Blinkist – Boost Your Book Reading Pleasure

Reading books is a pleasure for many people, but it becomes a challenge when you have to take out time to buy a book...

AccuWeather – A Reliable Weather Tool for People’s Convenience

accu weather
AccuWeather seems to understand what users want in their free weather apps for Android. You may look at the main page of the app...

Newsreels – Watch News Videos and Read Local News

An App with Smart News App You can only use your Newsreels app if you're tired of extended news videos or have a low investment...

Jumbo- A Powerful Privacy Assistant

The online world offers many perks. Sadly though, privacy is not one of them. The online world is keeping a track of all your...

AirHelp Software- Know Your Flying Rights

Air help
Flights are without a doubt the easiest means of transportation. But it is not one without any hazards. There must have been times when...

Google News – World and Local News Headlines

google top news stories
Preview: Google News app is a news collector service that offers users to read, explore, and subscribe to news stories from big publishers around the...

YouTube: Create and Connect through Videos

Preview: The YouTube app for android is a full-on entertainment platform. Since its launch in the year 2008, the app has come a long way...

NETFLIX: Watch your Favorite TV shows on Netflix App

Netflix app
The transformation of Netflix:   Unlike most apps that gained instant success, the Netflix app had a very meek beginning. The initial phase of it was...

TED TALKS: The Top Inspirational Talk Show

Ted ed
The emergence of Ted Talks: The full form of TED is Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  The brainchild of Richard Saul Wurman in the 1980s, who...

YOUTUBE: The Best Video Platform

Youtube featured
The emergence of YouTube: Unlike other most apps that became an instant success, YouTube had a very humble beginning. The initial phase since its inception...
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