Eero 6 Plus: A Reliable, Affordable, and Hi-Speed Router

The common observation in any Eero 6 Plus review is that the new mesh router is much better than its predecessor Eero 6, which first appeared in 2020. The most notable improvement in the Eero 6 Plus is the 160 MHz channel width which is double that of the earlier model. Now, you can move data at double the speed in devices that support the 160 MHz bandwidth. Even if you do not have much faster devices in the network, faster data transfer between the Eero devices is a benefit. Added to it is the faster AX-3000 build, which means that you will not experience a significant speed drop for connection through an extender placed three rooms away instead of the next room. The speed stability of the WiFi 6 mesh router puts it much ahead of routers in the same category.

Why Eero 6 Plus is a Reliable and Affordable Router?

The Eero 6 has been a reasonably fast and budget-friendly mesh router that set the benchmark for the new WiFi 6 mesh router, which continues the trend. As ought to be, the new router is high-speed but only under the right circumstances, and it can be challenging to ensure. Although the conditions might not always be right to make the device perform at peak efficiency, there should be no doubt that it’s powerful and fast. Anyone who wants speed can go for the reasonably priced router. The 160 MHz device has two Ethernet ports, and additional features are available against subscription.

The router is available in a single pack and three pack, expanding the options if you want to build a full-mesh system. Otherwise, the single pack is good enough if you need an add-on satellite.

Attractive Specifications

Wi-Fi 6 is the standard for efficiency and speed of the Gigabit router that can support more than 75 connected devices across 4,500 square feet with the help of three low-profile nodes. If you feel it’s impressive, then wait – it’s only the tip of Eero 6 plus specs, as there are many more improvements noticeable over the earlier model. The Dual band router of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz offers 160 MHz channel support in 5 GHz. The bandwidth is more than enough for the many devices connected to the network. The most significant feature of the router is its backward compatibility meaning it can nicely get along with Eero devices of the previous generations.

Comfortable Set Up

The Eero 6 Plus setup is easy. The Eero units look like keyboard keys, and the first unit serves as the Gateway, linking them to your modem or router; installing an eight-port Ethernet switch expands the options of Eero 6 Plus.

The Eero app makes it super easy to set up new satellites.

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Eero 6 Plus: A Reliable, Affordable, and Hi-Speed RouterEero 6 Plus: A Reliable, Affordable, and Hi-Speed Router