A Man Called Otto: A Funny and Moving Tale of Love and Loss

The Tom Hanks starrer A Man Called Otto, which had a limited release in the US theaters on December 30, 2022, is adapted from the international bestseller A Man Called Ove, a novel by the Swedish writer Fredrick Backman.  Although the film was subsequently released across America on January 13, 2023, the Man Called Otto trailer is still drawing much attention, especially in countries like India, where the film is yet to release. Marc Forster directs the comedy-drama, an American version of the Swedish film A Man Called Ove that won an Oscar nomination in 2015.  Keep reading to gather more information about the film from this Man Called Otto review.

A Man Called Otto: What is its Plot?

As A Man Called Otto movie did not have an international release, the global audience should be curious about A Man Called Otto release date. As per the information, the film is set for India release on February 10, 2023.

The story follows Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a superannuated man and the grumpiest person you have ever met who sees no purpose in life after his wife’s death. Otto has a lot of grievances, and not all of them are unfounded. For instance, why should he pay for six feet of a rope and waste a few extra cents when he bought a few inches above five feet?  Why should he not warn inconsiderate and careless drivers who often don’t mind blocking garage doors? Or even pull up insensitive neighbors who do not have any respect for maintaining the basic rules of trash disposal? However, not everything might be as awful as Otto perceives these to be, and he could perhaps pick up some manners himself.

More About This Movie

In the flashback scenes nicely interspersed throughout the screenplay written by David Magee and Forster, we come to know that the grumpy Otto we see now did have some traits of social awkwardness in his younger days. The nice but unworldly guy he was, young Otto always wanted to figure out how things worked and had an interest in engineering. His life changed after meeting Sonya (played by Rachel Keller), who went on to become his wife but passed away recently.

Driven into depression, the lonely Otto repeatedly attempts to end his life until his plans go haywire by a series of events. Many neighbors like Otto’s old friend Reuben and his wife Anita, Malcolm, a transgender teenager, and Jimmy, a fitness fad, are at odds with Otto. The story takes a twist when a young and lively family of Tommy and Marisol with kids moves in next door. Soon, the quick-witted Marisol becomes his perfect match. They develop an unlikely friendship as she challenges him to look at life differently, which turns his world around.

A Man Called Otto filming locations are in and around Pittsburg, and the story shows that it is possible to find a family in some of the most unexpected places.

Verdict: A Good Movie to Watch

A Man Called Otto is a funny and heartwarming story about life, love, and loss. This movie has a lot to offer to its viewers. You must go for it.

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A Man Called Otto: A Funny and Moving Tale of Love and LossA Man Called Otto: A Funny and Moving Tale of Love and Loss