Violet Evergarden Characters Are Amazing: Worth a Watch

Violet Evergarden is a good anime with a fantastic storyline and plot. Kyoto Animation has produced this anime, and Netflix has done the distribution. The breathtaking piece of art is one of the highlighting aspects of this anime. Violet Evergarden characters are another reason to watch this anime. It was written by Kana Akatsuki.

Violet Evergarden Characters and Plot

The plot of Violet Evergarden anime is surrounded by a young girl named Violet. She is the protagonist of the show, as its name suggests. She finds it challenging to adapt to the outside world. Violet has been serving as a soldier since she was a little girl. In an attempt to save her commanding officer, Gilbert, she lost both arms. Post-war, she became an Auto Memories Doll. Other Violet Evergarden characters make this anime quite enjoyable.

Violet travels the globe and writes messages for individuals who cannot do so through the eyes of an Auto Memories doll. She is dispatched to the kingdom of Drossel, where she starts writing the princess of Drossel public love letters to the prince of the nearby realm of Flugel in anticipation of their political union. Through the Auto Memories Doll, Violet starts to pique the princess’s interest until she starts to pen the letters on her own, igniting a passionate engagement that ends in marriage.

After his daughter died, playwright Oscar Webster turned into an alcoholic recluse. Later, Violet visits him. She arrives to help Oscar with the play he is writing to cope with his daughter’s death. As the lives confront Violet, she took while serving as a soldier; Oscar comes to grips with the death of his daughter at the play’s conclusion. Violet runs away in denial after learning that she cannot save Gilbert in the episode’s climax. Most of the Violet Evergarden review are positive.


Suppose you wish to know ‘if Violet Evergarden good,’ then the answer is affirmative. Art is one of Violet Evergarden’s best qualities. The cinematography is beautiful, and the graphics are clear and modern. The anime easily transitions between scenes.


The Violet Evergarden soundtrack, written by Evan Call, is fantastic. Although the opening and closing theme songs are memorable, it is the soundtrack that plays throughout important scenes that sticks with you. The tunes, which frequently feature powerful violin leads, are strong enough to stand alone as classical music compositions.


Violet Evergarden is a must-watch for any anime enthusiast. Losing Violet Evergarden arms have implicated some suffering on her. The serious plot of the anime is based on the grim reality of war. It still holds just as it did during the Second World War in the 1940s. Great music, exciting action sequences, drama, romance, and more are all present. There are only 13 episodes in the main series and 1 special episode, making it a short anime. You could watch the entire series in one sitting.

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