3 Korean Movies 2022 That are Leading in the Awards Race

Over the past few years, Korean films have been a big draw among Western audiences that primarily focus on Hollywood movies. The worldwide popularity of Korean films is growing fast, and Korean filmmakers are grabbing a lot of attention with their marvelous cinematic creations.  South Korea has become a cultural powerhouse in the past two decades, and the Korean movies 2022 uphold the trend with a lot of promise for the future.

Korean Movies 2022

The Korean filmmakers offered a variety of titles in 2022, encompassing various genres from romance to action and from historical to political, mystery, and many more. The cast of the films includes stars such as Bae Doona, Lee Jung-Jae, Hyuin Bin, Ma Dong-Seok, Lee Ji-Eun( IU),  Jung Woo-sung, Song Kang-ho, So-ji-sub, Kim Tae-ri and more.

Here are some new Korean movies 2022 that include a few that have a high chance of becoming the best Korean movies of all time.

‘Decision to Leave’ Tops the List of Korean Movies 2022

Decision to Leave’ is Park Chan–Wook the renowned Korean director’s second film in six years since his last film, The Handmaiden, and won him the Best Director award at Cannes Film Festival in 2022. The new film follows a similar line as his earlier film by exploring sensual relationships but in a vastly different way, making it difficult to make out that it’s a film by Park.

The story revolves around a brooding detective Jang Hae-Jun’s (played by Park Hae-il) encounter with a Chinese emigrant woman Seo-Rae (played by Tang Wei), after her husband’s untimely death. The intimate bonding of the two is of a different type that does not involve physical consummation but instead thrives on the intimacy of a different kind. For example, the scene of the duo savoring ice cream aptly portrays the relationship in a different light. However, it would be a mistake to look upon the film as an art-house piece because, besides winning awards, it was among the 10 top box office hits in South Korea in 2022.


Song Kang-ho and Gang Don–won play the brokers who trade in abandoned babies in the grey market to families who want to adopt children. Directed by the Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, the film explores parenthood when the brokers encounter the baby’s mother (played by Lee Ji-eun), who wants him back. The director’s interrogation of unorthodox families, which has become his obsession, is evident in the film.

The quality of the acting is superb, and the cast handles the complex plot with considerable professionalism that touches the right chords with the audience.

Next Sohee

The year’s most socially significant Korean movie, Next Sohee, is the story of Sohee, a girl who dies untimely due to immense exploitation during her call center externship. Kim Si-eun demonstrates her acting prowess while playing Sohee and Bae Doon as the female detective Oh Yu-Jin investigating Sohee’s death matches Kim at every step.

Next, Sohee is one of the Korean movies 2022 with a high societal impact.

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