The Invitation Review: A Horror Thriller With Last Minute Twists

You will get to know a lot from this the Invitation review. This movie falls into gothic horror, where its settings are admissible. Directed by Jessica M. Thompson, this movie comes with dingy indoors that appear to be dungeons.

The Invitation review tells that this movie starts with an unsettling mood as you are expected to enter a twisted dark world. But then the movie feels abrupt, and you need to figure out what is actually happening. The herky-jerky visuals and the trailer almost gave it away. Sure, it has its jump-scare moments, but that is all about it.

The Invitation review: The story

The story of Netflix the Invitation starts with Evelyn, the movie’s protagonist. She leads a mundane life in New York as her mother dies. She found her long-lost cousin after a DNA test. Her cousin invited her to a grand wedding in the English countryside. She attended the wedding and got seduced by the host. Then she found dark secrets about that family. The story further explores how Evelyn keeps on fighting for her survival.

More about the movie

The Invitation psychological thrillers Netflix is full of tension-building moments and other horror aspects. The story in this part feels quite intriguing. But the efforts in the second half are felt quite diluted. The ending may feel unconvincing for many. There is always a sinister tone in this movie. The mood of the film may resemble that of the 70s and 80ss. But the predictable plot points easily give it away before the climax.

Narrative of the Invitation is mainly inspired by various classic gothic horror films. The story certainly resolves around Evelyn. Then the story also shows her interaction with Oliver, her long-lost cousin. The movie shows how Oliver helps unite her family. Then she falls for charming, sophisticated, and aristocratic Walter. Along the way, Evelyn finds a horrifying and sinister world. She then tries her best to come out of this.

You save the date Invitation because it follows an escalating sequence of horrifying jump scares interspersed with a budding romance between Evie and Walter.

The cast of the movie is good

The cast of the Invitation movie has been quite excellent. Game of Thrones famed Nathalie Emmanuel portrayed the role of the protagonist. She plays her character amazingly well. On the other hand, the cast also includes names like Sean Pertwee (Renfield), Carol Ann Crawford (Mrs. Swift), Stephanie Corneliussen (Viktoria), and Courtney Taylor. All of them have done justice to their characters. So overall, the acting of the cast has been great. The overall juxtaposition of these incidents and events feels quite exciting for the viewers. But the scare patterns are repetitive.

Verdict: Should you watch it or not?

If you are looking forward to watching a horror movie filled with jump scares, you can watch the Invitation. But you must be mentally prepared as the plot may feel a little predictable regarding its thrilling aspects. This the Invitation review also tells you about the cast and plot of the movie. This thrilling horror is certainly not the best movie you would watch, but it is not average.

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The Invitation Review: A Horror Thriller With Last Minute TwistsThe Invitation Review: A Horror Thriller With Last Minute Twists