The Upcoming Games 2023: Here is the List for You

Ever since the release of PlayStation 5, the reception by its fans have been quite positive. It is obvious that this latest version of PS definitely comes with significant improvements over its predecessor. As a PlayStation enthusiast, if you are eagerly waiting for new PS5 games, then you should definitely check out the below described list of games. This list of upcoming games 2023 would surely help you choose a game of your choice.

One Piece: Odyssey

One of the most anticipated upcoming games 2023 is One Piece Odyssey. This PS5 game is based on famous Japanese manga and anime. The One Piece fans around the world would be able to explore One Piece universe through this game. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece manga, is playing a significant role in this game’s creation. This role-playing adventure game is developed by ILCA, Inc. and published by Namco Bandai Games Inc. it is to be released on 13th January, 2023.


This is another PS5 game scheduled to be released in 24th January, 2023 but very little is known about this game so far. The developers and publisher of Forespoken is Luminous Productions and Square Enix respectively. The first trailer of this game has already been released. There are magic, dragons and breathtaking environments in the trailer. So the game itself is expected to be amazing. This action RPG has come awesome fantasy elements. This is one of the best upcoming switch games 2023.

Dead Space

This is the remake of the 2008 original Dead Space. It is under development by developer EA Motive Studios. Apart from PS5, the other platforms where this game is going to release on are Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series XlS. This is a highly anticipated upcoming Nintendo switch games 2023 that will retell the events of the original game. According to the publisher of the game, Electronics Arts, Dead Space is scheduled to be released on 27th January, 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you must be waiting for the release of Hogwarts Legacy. This role-playing and adventure game is going to be released on 10th February, 2023. The plot of this game is set in 1800s where you as a player get to attend the wizarding world at Hogwarts. As a character in the game, you will have to improve your abilities while taking classes there. As the characters improve, their levels up. Avalanche Software is developing the game while its publisher is Portkey Games. This is one of the PS5 games coming soon.

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is among the best PS5 games 2023, developed by Omega Force, scheduled to be released on 17th February, 2023. The developer of this game is best known for developing Dynasty Warriors games. This game is all about Monster Hunter. As compared to other Monster Hunter games, Wild Hearts stand out as it looks more realistic and amazing. Ever since this PS5 game release dates is revealed, the gamers have been restless to get their hands on it.

Atomic Heart

This is one of the best first person shooter games coming out in 2023. The events in this game unfold in an alternate universe during high noon of Soviet Union. The plot is about USSR developing advanced robots to fight the Nazi Germany. You as a player is to explore this game’s world as KGP Special agent. The developer of this game is Mundfish and publisher is Focus Entertainment. It is among the most anticipated PS5 upcoming games scheduled to be released on 21st February, 2023.


So you can decide to play any of these upcoming games 2023 as per your preference and needs. All of these games are of different types and genre. You should choose the best one that you wish to play.

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