River City Girls 2 – A Terrific Brawler and Beat-Em-Up Game

The terrific Japanese brawler River City Girls 2 is now available worldwide since it was first released in Japan on December 01, 2022. After that, the developer game WayForward stuck to its committed River City Girls 2 release date of December 15, 2022, for the North American and European audience. Besides River City Girls Xbox, the game is available on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

This River City Girls review provides detailed insights about the new game.

River City Girls 2 Gameplay

Like the 2019 prequel, the new game is also a 2D beat-em-up game with side-scrolling. The game has six playable characters instead of the two co-ops that we saw in the earlier game. Players can choose from the six characters that, include two new characters besides the protagonists of the earlier game and their boyfriends. River City gaming allows players to play more characters, fight new enemies, and enjoy enhanced movesets in a bigger world to brawl through. The playable cast sees the return of the River City Girls characters Misako and Kyoko, along with Kunio and Riki joined by the newcomers Marian and Provie. The characters move from one end of the town to the other as they embark on a sprawling adventure while battling the Sanwakai criminal syndicate that creates chaos in River City.

The players indulge in linear gameplay as they take on the enemy individually, moving on to the next room after defeating an enemy in the earlier room. They keep moving up the levels until they reach the topmost level to defeat the boss. Although each character has different play styles and moves, they finally end up beating up the enemies. The game focuses on melee combat with a mix of environmental hazards and aerial combat.

You can play the game alone or with other players; the latter is always a better option, significantly when the player’s health decreases in the co-op. Their mates can help them get back on their feet.  However, the game rests only when everyone goes down.

A lot of new features

The game provides interactive environments with an array of knuckle-busting features such as new weapons, more than 40 shops overloaded with items and accessories, lots of side quests, and powerful heavyweight assistants to support the players in the battle. Complementing the action is the imposing River City Girls voice cast consisting of top-notch vocal talents.

Kayli Mills lends the voice to Misako, while Kyoko speaks in the voice of Kira Buckland. The other voice cast includes Kaiji Tang as Riki, Greg Chun as Kunio, Erika Harlacher as Marian, and DeeZumaki as Provie. Christina ‘Vee’ Valenzuela is again the director of the game and River City series’ critically acclaimed composer Megan McDuffee scores the music.

With six playable characters, River City Girls 2 allows players to take full advantage of having a bigger gang while engaging in widespread carnage and deriving more fun. The characters’ different play styles should help create innovative ways of beating the enemies.

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River City Girls 2 – A Terrific Brawler and Beat-Em-Up GameRiver City Girls 2 – A Terrific Brawler and Beat-Em-Up Game