State of Decay 3 –Ultimate Fulfilment of the Survival Game

Since the State of Decay 2 in 2018, Undead Labs have been preparing to release a third part of the horror survival adventure game. Despite the world’s zombie obsession not being as prevalent as it was a few years ago, the game maker wanted to create State of Decay 3 as the epitome of the fulfillment of the survival game. While the world knows that the third part of the zombie survival game is in the making, there is very little news about the progress. All we know is that the game is in the works and would revolve around the survival efforts of a group of survivors trying to build a home against hordes of wandering zombies in a brutal world. Although gaming enthusiasts want to know when is State of Decay 3 coming out, it is far from easy to get the answer.

State of Decay 3- Building on the Cult Following

While the third game is underway and nothing much is known about what’s happening inside, the State of Decay 3 trailer released in 2020 stoked gamers’ curiosity. The trailer was more of a teaser, as viewers could feel the game’s tone but nothing more. It showcased a survivor in the snowy, frigid wilderness teasing a zombified deer, eating and feasting on a wolf’s corpse. However, the trailer did not hint about any State of Decay 3 release date. Even today, there has been no news about the developments since we last heard in March 2022 that the game was undergoing trial. At that time, gamers were hopeful that the wait would not be extended, but things did not happen that way. There is still no State of Decay 3 news about the new game’s release.

Some More News

In September, Undead Labs, which Microsoft acquired in 2018, announced that the State of Decay 3 multiplayer game was in the works in collaboration with The Works, the developer of Gears of War. The collaboration should help to incorporate some tech from Gears of War into the game under development in Unreal Engine 5.

Hints About The Gameplay

In the absence of enough news about the development stage of the third dame of State of Decay, we can only draw inferences from the previous games of the series to figure out what the State of Decay 3 gameplay could likely be. It’s a mystery that despite Undead Labs providing dedicated updates every three months about the State of Decay 2, they prefer to maintain silence about the work in progress. While the first two iterations of the game unfold across an open-world zombie sandbox where the player recruits survivors after setting base in the strongholds identified by them. To fulfill the maker’s ambition of creating the ultimate survival fantasy, the third game will have to move in an entirely new and bold direction all on its own.

In State of Decay 3, we could see the threat of zombies spreading beyond humans and affecting animals.

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