Choo Choo Charles: A Simple Short, and Engaging Fun Game

Supposed to be an Indie horror video game, Choo Choo Charles does not frighten you. Instead, amid all the action and thrills, the intense gameplay might belie your expectations because it isn’t as scary and intense as the trailers had promised. The horror game revolves around an evil train with monstrous spider legs, and the trailer released last year was too good as gamers eagerly awaited the game’s release. Now, when the game is available on PC, there appears to be a considerable gap between what was promised and the stuff served after the Choo Choo Charles release date of December 9, 2022.

Choo Choo Charles – The Trailer Raised a Storm

The trailer took the internet by storm as it focused on a giant, creepy spider train chasing the player and his locomotive across an island that looked scary. A machine gun at the train’s rear is the player’s weapon to fight off Charles, the monster. The fight goes on until the player scavenges enough scrap and upgrades the train sufficiently to be ready to face Charles in a deadly battle unto death. The player’s goal is to win the battle and free the island from the monster’s clutches. However, the player’s death would only make Charles more powerful and deadly. The captivating set-up looked quite slick, and the trailer, released in October 2021 caused a wildfire across the internet.

The Gameplay

The Choo Choo Charles game is a visual treat and sets up a creepy atmosphere on the desolate island quite convincingly as players come across several characters.  However, the characters’ looks are funky and funny as they speak without lip movements. But that’s on the outside, and as you get into the game, you quickly learn how to play the game to defeat Charles by gathering ideas hinted at during the trailer’s release.

You have to take the train ride around the island and keep collecting scrap to upgrade the train to hunt down three eggs that would lead to the finale, the great fight with Charles. But before you take on Charles, you must upgrade your train adequately to gather more weapons, resist more damage and run the train faster. You will enjoy the simple and funny activities of controlling the train.

However, the excitement and horror start fading, and you start feeling boredom because of the limited meetings with Charles, only about three times during the game leaving aside the introduction and the final act. Most of the time, you would fight with the masked shotgunners, the game’s main enemies, and wander around collecting scarp to upgrade the train. You rarely get to engage in the thrills and horrors of escaping from Charles while riding the train.


To play the game on the Choo Choo Charles Console or Choo Choo Charles PS4, you have to wait for some time as the makers have plans for a console release in 2023. Currently, the Choo Choo Charles price is $19.19 on Steam.

Choo Choo Charles is suitable for a short and fun game alone.

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Choo Choo Charles: A Simple Short, and Engaging Fun GameChoo Choo Charles: A Simple Short, and Engaging Fun Game