Lectric Xp Lite: A Cheap E-bike for a Comfortable Ride

If you belong to the group that thinks buying e-bikes priced at three digits isn’t worth it, then the Lectric XP Lite will indeed prove you wrong. There is a notion among many people that cheaper e-bikes mean making a lot of compromises in terms of features, comfort, and quality which does not hold well for the XP Lite Lectric bike.  This is what you would gather from various Lectric bike reviews. The most assuring aspect of the low-cost e-bike is its sound performance which gives users tremendous confidence while enjoying a comfortable ride. Trying out the e-bike would surely make you change your mind about low-cost e-bikes.

Lectric Xp Lite – The Lightest and Cheapest E-bike

Lectric created the electric bike intending to prove naysayers wrong. This Lectric XP Lite review should help you assess the e-bike from the proper perspective. The extremely lightweight e-bike can travel at a top speed of 20 mph while consuming 300W power. The single-speed bike has a battery-in-frame but foldable design, and the Lectric bike weighs only 46 lbs, with a battery that weighs 7 lbs.

Other Features

The bike has five levels of pedal assist with a pedal assist range of 40 miles; the same is 15 miles when you go on the throttle. The XP Lite Lectric bike has a backlit LCD and a 48v Li-ion battery that takes 4-6 hours to charge completely. The bike has front and rear lights, a payload capacity of 275 lbs with an optional rear rack capacity of 55 lbs. Equipped with 160 mm mechanical disc brakes, the bike has tires of size 20 inches x 2.6 inches. When folded, the bike measures 36x16x27 inches. Lectric XP battery removal is easy as you need to slide the battery for fixing and removal. The Lectric XP seat post size is 20 inches in height with a shaft diameter of 11/4 inches that can support riders weighing up to 220 lbs.

A Ready-To-Ride Bike Delivered to Your Doorstep

When you open the package of the e-bike, you will be surprised that there are no tools in the box. Well, you don’t need any tools because the bike comes fully assembled in a ready–to–ride condition but folded. After removing the stuff from the box, unfold the stem and frame, inflate the tires, raise the seat to the correct height, charge the battery and fold down the pedals. Wow, the bike is ready to ferry you around with absolute comfort and freedom. How soon you can ride the bike depends on the battery charging time, which usually takes 4-6 hours. An important point to note is that the bike comes with two keys you must insert to start riding the bike.

The Lectric XP Lite owner’s manual provides excellent instructions about every aspect of bike usage, making the ride even more enjoyable as you are all on your own.

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Lectric Xp Lite: A Cheap E-bike for a Comfortable RideLectric Xp Lite: A Cheap E-bike for a Comfortable Ride