Wednesday Addams Netflix: A Compelling Murder Mystery

Wednesday Addams Netflix is an eight-episode spinoff series based on The Addams Family. Tim Burton is to direct half of the episodes. Wednesdays feature a deviously charming magical world. The source material was The Addams Family cartoons published in New Yorker in 1938. Know about different aspects of Wednesday Addams Netflix below.

Wednesday Addams Netflix: The Plot

The plot of Wednesday Addams Netflix revolves around the spooky Addams family who rejoices in macabre stuff. But the protagonist of this show is Wednesday Addams, the death-obsessed, stoic high school teenager. The central theme of Wednesday Addams Netflix is a kooky way of living. As the name of the series suggests, the main character is Wednesday, and how her stoic attitude goes through an emotional arc later in the show. The bizarre and witty fantasy realm of Wednesday is worth exploring for you as a viewer.

The story of the Wednesday Addams series starts with Wednesday transferring to Nevermore Academy. This transfer occurred after an incident regarding piranhas and a swim team bully. The show has other aspects like gorgons (stoners), vampires, and werewolves. So horror is an integral part of the Wednesday Addams series on Netflix.

Nevermore Academy is to act as a pulsating world of possibilities, from shapeshifting teachers to love triangles to attempts at murders. Cynicism and sharp wit are perfectly portrayed in this series. The theme of teenager redemption in Wednesday Addams show is the highlighting aspect. On the other hand, sarcasm and morbidity are also essential aspects of this show that viewers would find amusing. These are the main characteristics of the show as the show begins with its trademark act of violence by its protagonist, and the tone of the series is set perfectly. As a viewer, you instantly know where the Wednesday Addams show is heading. The gothic mansions of comedic horrors fill it with such content that viewers should enjoy while watching it.

The show has a lot of pros to start with. Wednesday Addams costume is excellent, and every character looks apt and suitable. The costume looks in order in accordance with the theme and background of the Wednesday Addams costume. As the story of this show further propagates, you, as a viewer, explore so many other interlinked incidents and events that ensure an intense experience for you. So you must give Wednesday Addams new a shot if you like such genre shows.

The Cast

Now, if you wish to know who played Wednesday Addams, the answer is Jenna Ortega. She has amazingly portrayed her role by doing everything she was capable of. Apart from her, Wednesday Addams movie also features some other notable actors and actresses. A few of these names in this regard are Gwendoline Christie as Principal Larissa Weems, Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin, and Riki Lindhome as Dr. Valerie Kinbott. On the other hand, there is Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe and Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin.


Several good reasons are there for you to watch Wednesday Addams on Netflix. The first reason is the excellent characterization and portrayal of the role by the protagonist. The interlinked macabre incidents in an ultimate fantasy realm should be another reason. You would get to explore the other reasons as you keep watching it further. As it is an 8-episode-long Netflix series, you, as a viewer, are expected to explore a lot more.

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