Dell 14 Portable Monitor – C1422h: A Simple Useful Device

The Dell 14 portable monitor – C1422H is an essential and simple monitor suitable for office and personal use with minimal control and connectivity that aids daily work. The monitor has a good build, simple to use, and is highly portable. You can gather more information about the latest monitor from Dell as you read this Dell 14 portable monitor – C1422H review. The configuration and specifications make it clear that the monitor being the first of its kind from Dell, did not want to take any chances and kept things simple to gain users’ confidence. However, the color coverage, brightness, and contrast are as excellent as the sturdy build, capable of withstanding rough handling when you move around with the monitor. Moreover, the screen quality is a cut above other office-type portable monitors.

What Will You Find in the Dell 14 Portable Monitor – C1422h?

This Dell portable monitor review provides enough information to understand the value you can expect from the portable monitor. The monitor’s frame gives a sturdy feeling, and you can tilt the monitor at various angles by taking advantage of the hinged stand. To facilitate portability, Dell has kept the design slim with narrow bezels at the front and back and a matte black front. However, the bezel below the screen is thicker and displays the inlaid Dell logo in silver. The IPS panel’s antiglare full HD screen measures 14 inches (diagonally). It even offers a resolution of 1080p (equivalent to 1920×1080 pixels) and a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. The frame is silver gray at the back and bottom, making it a good match for Lenovo ThinkPad T490 or HP Pavilion Aero 13 or DellXPS13 laptop.

Flexibility and Portability

The 14-inch computer monitor, a first from Dell, is not only portable but highly flexible, as evident from the design that includes dual hinges at the base. The design might remind you of the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 portable monitor series. The design of the Dell portable monitor facilitates smooth movement and allows for significant tilting at 10 to 90 degrees toward the rear to facilitate distant viewing. The stand allows more flexibility than the folding stand found in other portable monitors.

Ports and Controls

The ports and controls are at the base of the C1422H monitor and distributed across the right and left sides. One USB-C port and the power button are to the right, and another USB-C port and rocker switch is on the left. The rocker switch adjusts the screen’s brightness and disables the low-blue light that Dell calls Comfort View mode. Both USB-C ports support 65 watts of power display.

However, a few features are lacking in the Dell 14 portable monitor – C1422H, such as the On-Screen Display or OSD menu for adjusting contrast, changing the picture mode, and other settings. However, the absence of the feature helps to meet Dell’s objective of presenting an office-type portable monitor for general use.

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Dell 14 Portable Monitor - C1422h: A Simple Useful DeviceDell 14 Portable Monitor - C1422h: A Simple Useful Device