1923 Review: Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren Take It Higher

1923 is a TV Series directed by Taylor Sheridan, released on 18th December, 20220. It stars Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklenar, Helen Mirren, and others. So Yellowstone prequel release date was 18th December. It is considered to be Yellowstone prequel series. Ford and Mirren set the pace of this series with the first episode. Sheridan puts all the effort into making this prequel for Paramount+.

1923: More About The Series

As you can the lead actors in 1923 were the most decorated and famous in their field. This series is the TV debut of Harrison Ford while actress Helen Mirren makes a comeback to the small screen. Only the pilot episode has been used as the basis of the review of this show, but viewers are pretty sure that the whole series will be a blockbuster. Ford and Mirren are the heart and soul of 1923. They previously acted in The Mosquito Coast, where they had a fantastic chemistry and screen presence. So the viewers also expect to see such a powerful performance from them.

The Cast

1923 cast Yellowstone has been nothing short of excellent. Besides Ford and Mirren as leading casts, there are other notable actors in the 1923 series Yellowstone. In this regard, there are Michael Randolph (Elizabeth Strafford), Darren Mann (Jack Dutton), and James Badge Dale (John Dutton Sr.). All these actors and actresses played notable roles in the series’ first episode. The series’ upcoming episodes will certainly feature other actors to make the series even more exciting. Among all the actors in the show, Harrison Ford has done the best job by acting amazingly as usual.

The Plot

The plot of the 1923 show is set in events of 1883, the limited series which chronicled the Dutton family’s difficult journey to the land that eventually became the famous Yellowstone Ranch. The new 1923 Yellowstone focuses on a thriving ranch under the control of protagonist Jacob Dutton (acted by Harrison Ford), Jacob’s wife Cora (acted by Mirren), and James’ older brother (Tim McGraw from 1883).

The story starts in 1894 when Jacob and Cora started raising John (James’ son) and Spencer as their own. On the other hand, Jack, John’s adult son, looks forward to continuing Dutton’s ranching legacy even at the cost of delaying his marriage. Like all other Harrison Ford movies, Ford had done justice to his role and the actors in the series.

As the story proceeds, the Dutton family encounters several issues, problems, and dangers. The characters in this series go through various catastrophic events like World War 1, the Spanish Flu pandemic, etc. On the other hand, they also have to deal with other issues like the looming Great Depression, drought, cattle disease, and prohibition.

The story in the 1923 World Series further explores how the Dutton family and other characters in the show overcome the challenges they face along the way. The drama has a unique way of exhibiting various historical events with the combination of fiction.


After the release of the Pilot episode of 1923, the reviews and feedback have been great. In the coming episode, more will be revealed and exhibited. The story is likely to turn more exciting and unique. So if you like a series with historical events and references with the proper combination of fiction, this is the show you must give a shot at.

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