Mad Honey Review: Poignant, Powerful, and More

Mad Honey is the latest novel by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan. This Mad Honey review will tell you everything you must know. The novel was published by Random House LCC US on 4th October 2022. Let’s explore more about this book.

More about Mad Honey Review

The genre of this novel is fiction and women. Once you go through this Mad Honey review, you will know this novel is about the past of our life. It talks about what we decide to keep from our past and what we decide to leave behind.

The Plot and Story

The protagonist of Mad Honey review is Olivia McAfee, who had a beautiful life, and married her cardiothoracic surgeon. She was living a happy life and raising her beautiful son, Asher. Upon discovering a darker side of her husband, she left him and took up her father’s beekeeping business to raise her son as a single mother.

Mad Honey further explores how Olivia and her son go about their life usually. Everything went well for the first 12 years. Asher has become the captain of his high school team and a well-liked senior. He does not even remember his abusive father anymore. Mother and son have a great relationship, and he is looking forward to getting into college. Then he meets a new girl named Lily Campnello. This girl also had a troubled past like his mother. You can go for Mad Honey buy to enjoy the complete story with twists and turns.

Asher and Lily get serious as they fight one afternoon. After the fight, Asher suddenly finds Lily dead in the bathroom of the basement stairs. He then gets arrested before she even gets to mourn his loss. Then he gets charged with a murder that eventually follows a lengthy public courtroom trial. The trial exposes the secrets of everyone involved in the case. Even his mother, Olivia, also starts questioning his innocence. The story then unfolds amazingly. You can surely buy Mad Honey on Amazon.

The story is told from two viewpoints, the first one is from Olivia’s perspective, and the other one is from Lily’s, after going backward from her murder. So the story is quite captivating, and this is why people are showing interest to buy Mad Honey. You can also get this novel. A simple internet search will fetch many results if you want to know where to buy Mad Honey. You can either get it online, or you can also buy it from an offline shop.

The Synopsis

Mad Honey Jodi Picoult is a well-woven and long-winded story, but sometimes it feels irrelevant in some aspects. The book talks about a few characters that may not have little significance. Some characters could be more well-developed than they were supposed to be. Moreover, the story should have been more compelling. Despite all the issues, you must get this Jody Picoult new book. It has pros that would keep you occupied as a reader.


You have good reasons to go for the new Jodi Picoult book 2022. The book tells about life in general. It depicts a single mother and her son and how they go about their life while facing challenges. Most of the Mad Honey review talks about the positive aspects of this novel. As a reader, the reading experience would be engaging and entertaining for you. So you must give it a shot.

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Mad Honey Review: Poignant, Powerful, and MoreMad Honey Review: Poignant, Powerful, and More