System 76: A Highly Configurable and Well-Built Keyboard

System76 is known to be a Colorado-based computer manufacturer. They have recently released their open-source and highly configurable System 76 keyboard. This keyboard is distinct and unique in so many aspects that you should know. This is the first full-sized keyboard from this manufacturer. If you are looking for a unique keyboard, then opting for this one would be quite effective and beneficial.

System 76: The Design and Built

The design of System76 is undoubtedly distinct in various aspects. It comes with an unconventional riff on a standard full-sized layout. It measures 1.1 x 15.5 x 5.3 inches (HWD). Moreover, this 105-key Heavy has all the possible keys you can expect. But the arrangement of the keys may be different from your expectations.

Everything to the left of the number pad mirrors the 75% layout of the original Launch keyboard. The alphanumeric keys and function row are compressed into a single typing block. Moreover, there is a cutout in the bottom right corner of the arrows. Moreover, a slim four-key column End, Page Down, Page Up, and Home keys divide the main typing area from the number pad. Overall System 76 keyboard is known to have quite a compact formation.

The compact design ensures less overreaching with your fingers. So typing is faster once you get habituated to it. On the other, the keyboard takes up less space than other standard-sized keyboards. So this is a tremendous advantage.

Most of the System76 reviews are positive in various aspects. This keyboard is known to be milled out of aluminum. As a result, it is rugged and heavy. The look and feel of this device are great, and a nice weight is attached. This keyboard is only partially built in-house as it heavily relies on Kailh Box Jade or Kailh MX Sockets.


The System76 launch keyboard comes with unique features and specifications that you are less likely to get in other keyboards. There are 4 in-built USB ports available in this keyboard that you can use per your preference and needs. It features 2 Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 and 2 Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 1×1. It enables you to plug any kind of USB port into this keyboard by your preference. You are less likely to get these features and benefits in other available keyboards in the market.

Moreover, this keyboard has a GUI-driven application configurator that can alter the key assignments, functionalities, and LED backlight controls. This device is ideally suited for Linux users. Not to mention, all the macOS and Windows users are also supposed to use it as per their preference and need.

The Split Space is the Highlighting Feature

Among all the exciting and unique features, the split spacebar stands out. Due to this arrangement, you get a complete modifier key for free unless you always use the spacebar with both hands. If you always use the spacebar with the right hand only, then you can make the best use of this split space bar for obvious reasons.

Final Thoughts

So this is one of the ultimate open-source keyboards that has impressive built. Not to mention the availability of several USB ports you are less likely to get in other keyboards. Not to mention its split space bar. You, as a user, can program or modify the keys of this device as and when needed. Overall, System 76 is an excellent keyboard featuring unique switches. So you have all the good reasons to go for this keyboard.

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System 76: A Highly Configurable and Well-Built KeyboardSystem 76: A Highly Configurable and Well-Built Keyboard