HP Omen 16 is a Great Gaming Laptop but a Bit Pricey

When discussing HP Omen 16, it is essential to mention the year to specify the model because HP released the same model but different editions in 2021 and 2022. This HP Omen 16 review is about the current 2022 edition. The new edition of the Omen 16 laptops has Intel 11th Gen CPUs and NVIDIA discrete GPUs instead of the AMD CPU used in the earlier edition. The new edition looks the same as the earlier one because of the generic design that does not inspire much confidence. However, when you discover the fantastic specifications later, you must accept that looks can be deceptive. Despite looking simple but mature, it’s a high-performing gaming PC with a decent price tag, although some might consider it high. But one thing is for sure the laptop would give serious gamers the competitive edge they are looking for.

HP Omen 16 – Design

Made from soft plastic, the Omen 16 laptop has a minimalist design without any frills that look simple and is available in matte black color. The sleek design might deceive you into thinking it is an ordinary laptop, but when you look at several large rubber feet, you will understand that it’s different. The thick rubber feet keep the laptop considerably raised from the table, leaving enough room at the bottom for maximum airflow to keep the device cool. Moreover, a metal grid on the laptop’s underside helps dissipate the chassis heat efficiently. It’s been more than 6 months since 18th May 2022, the HP Omen 16 release date, and now; the world knows how good the gaming laptop is.  The aluminum keyboard looks solid, but the lid is more flexible.

The HP Omen gaming laptop has a splendid collection of ports. The three USB-A ports are on the right, and one is on the left. An RJ45 Ethernet (Gigabit speed), HDMI 2.1 port, full-size SD card reader, and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack on the rear.


The latest Omen gaming laptop has a 16.1-inch screen with 2560×11440 resolutions and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. The IPS display has 300 nits brightness and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The vibrant display produces splendid colors, which makes watching videos more pleasurable. The anti-glare effects ensure smooth viewing from any angle.

Impressive Specs

What makes the Omen an exclusive and powerful laptop for gaming are the high-performing processors like Intel Core i7 -12700 H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX, 3070 Ti GPU make the Omen an exclusive and powerful laptop for gaming.  It has 1TB storage, a memory of 16GB DDR5-4800, and a battery of 83WHr rating. Equipped with a 720p IR camera, the laptop connectivity consists of Bluetooth 5.2 and Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX 211.

The cooling system is the most notable upgrade in the 2022 edition of HP Omen 16. For enhanced cooling, the laptop fan has more blades and better vents that improve airflow and ensure quieter operations.

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HP Omen 16 is a Great Gaming Laptop but a Bit PriceyHP Omen 16 is a Great Gaming Laptop but a Bit Pricey