Warner Bros Scraps Wonder Woman 3 after Two Years of Making

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot’s first solo film portraying Superwoman, was such a massive hit in 2017 that making a sequel to mark the franchise’s forward march was just a matter of time. Supposed to be one of the best DCU films to date, Wonder Woman created a large fan base that was happy to be treated with Wonder Woman 1984 to sustain the excitement in their memories. However, the poor performance of the sequel left the fans disheartened, and they were eagerly waiting for Wonder Woman, the third film of the series by director Patty Jenkins. It’s been a long wait for Gal Gadot fans since 2017 as they eagerly awaited the confirmed Wonder Woman 3 release date. 

The Wait for Wonder Woman 3 Kept Growing

Because of the pandemic, fans had to wait patiently until October 2021 to get an answer to their question – will there be a Wonder Woman 3?  On October 16, 2021, Pat Jenkins assured the fans that the third Wonder Woman film was a work in progress while speaking at a DAC FanDome event. Her excitement was palpable during the announcement as she was highly optimistic about the future of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. It was a big announcement since the WB chairman had confirmed in December 2020 that the production house was fast-tracking the movie. The announcement was consolation for Wonder Woman  fans as they rested their patience buttons and briefly stopped asking when Wonder Woman  3 coming out.

More Questions

Despite some tentative answers about the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, fans still want to know more about the storyline and whether they will see some of their familiar characters in the new movie. They are curious to know- will Steve be in Wonder Woman 3. Steve, the American pilot of World War I was a favorite among the fans who expect to see him again in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. However, the bad news is that actor Chris Pine who played Steve in Wonder Woman in 2017, confirmed in April 2022 that Steve Trevor is in the grave, never to show his face again in the third part of the Wonder Woman movie. Steve made his last appearance in Wonder Woman 1984, the second series of movies.

Will there be the Final Entry of the Franchise?

Inordinate delay in the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie is again a cause of growing restlessness among fans, who are eager to get the latest Wonder Woman update. Uncertainty diminishes the hopes about the movie’s release, and there is growing concern and fear about its future.

Amid the fading hopes, fans should be ready for the worst because it’s now official that Wonder Woman 3 will never see the light of day. The movie is not moving forward, and according to reports, Warner Bros have scrapped the film. It’s indeed a shocking move because the dreams of thousands of fans of seeing the third Wonder Woman will never come true.

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