Locke and Key Season 3 Gets a Satisfying Farewell

Locke and Key season 3 is this show’s last and final chapter. The plot of this show is based on its comic-book counterpart with the same name. The comic-book series has sort of become a cult classic. Later, when it became a Netflix series, it also garnered much love and recognition from the viewers.

Locke and Key season 3: The Cast and Crew

Meredith Averil, Carlton Cuse, and Aron have developed Locke and Key season 3. The cast includes Connor Jessup, Darby Stanchfield, Emilia Jones, Laysla De Oliveira, Jackson Robert Scott, Griffin Gluck, and Petrice Jones in different leading roles in the show. Overall, Locke and Key season 3 cast has been great.


Jackie has died tragically, and Tyler Locked (acted by Connor Jessup) gets himself a construction job in Montana. He rarely talks with other Lockes. In the absence of their brother, Bode (acted by Jackson Robert Scott) and Kinsey (acted by Emilia Jones) have the best time of their life with the keys. On the other hand, Nina (acted by Darby Stanchfield) also mentally recovers from the grief of her husband’s death. Then she puts effort into making her relationship with Josh blossom. Unbeknownst to Lockes, a real threat is slowly approaching them in the form of Frederick Gideon (acted by Kevin Durand). So Locke and Key season 3 becomes interesting.

A Concise Review

Locke and Key season release date were August 10, 2022. The Lockes suffered greatly in the show as they lost loved ones and battled demons. After all these, they faced a final challenge in season 3 of Locke and Key. This season is always challenging, but it ends very.

Locke and Key season 3 has 8 episodes in total. Each episode has a runtime of 40-50 minutes, depending on its content. The Locks family finally gets a sigh of relief in this series. They get from facing several evils and issues and decide to do what they love. Nina uses the memory key on herself to share in her children’s triumphs and struggles. They also look forward to Duncan’s wedding. Nevertheless, they are still haunted by memories of what happened to them. But amidst all these, there was a final threat lurking around that the Lockes were unaware of.

This threat is Freferick Gideon, who gets possessed by a powerful demon that returns to the mortal world as an eco. Season 3 is an excellent season from every angle. It should have been better as compared to seasons 1 and 2. So if you ask, ‘Will there be a season 3 of Locke and Key?’ the answer is ‘Yes.’


In case you wish to explore ‘when is season 3 of Locke and Key coming out, then you should know that it has already been released on 10th August 2022. This season is about how the Lockes finally get to live their life until they face their final challenge. The characters were great, and the special effects used to show magic on screen were terrific. So the visual spectacle was great too. So you have several good reasons to watch Locke and Key season 3.

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