Invincible Season 2: What is There to Know about it?

Invincible season 1 was one of the best Prime video shows. The announcement was made 18 months back that there would season 2. The fans have been waiting for updates about the upcoming Invincible season 2. But there has not been any official announcement made regarding its release date.

More about Invincible season 2

So apart from a few updates about the cast and crews, something new is yet to be discovered about Invincible season 2. You can only wait for upcoming updates about this show. However, this article will fetch you every bit of information about Invincible season 2 that we have been able to gather so far.

What about the Release Date?

The Invincible season 2 release date is yet to be released; no official announcement has yet to be announced. Season 2 is still under development. The show’s writer, Simon Racioppa, said that the cast and others involved have been working hard to complete its production.

If you are eager to know when Invincible season 2 is coming out, then there is less chance of it being released anytime soon, at least in early 2023. January 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Invincible franchise. So you can expect some official announcement to be made about the season 2 release date or Invincible season 2 trailer. It has been known that season 2 and season 3 are being developed concurrently.


If you are looking for the answer to the question ‘will Invincible have a season 2‘, then the answer is affirmative. The cast of season 2 is to be quite exciting. Read on to learn more about the cast and crew of season 2 of this show.

As expected, Steven Yeun will be cast as Invincible/ Mark Grayson, J.K. Simmons will be Omni-Man/ Nolan Grayson, and Sanda Oh is playing the role of Debbi Grayson. Apart from this, the other cast includes Zazie Beetz (Amber Bennett), Gillian Jacobs (Atom Eve/ Samantha Eve Wilkins), Andre Rannells (William Clockwell), Mark Hamill (Art Rosenbaum), Khary Payton (Black Samson/Markus Grimshaw), etc. So it is evident from the above names that the season’s casting is quite impressive.


There might be some rumor like Invincible season 2 was canceled but do not fall for it. Season 2 is very much under production. Per season 1, Invincible season 2 could go in different directions as far as the plot is concerned. There only have been a few hints from the official Twitter account of the franchise. In season 1, Omni-Man was to conquer Earth for Viltrumite Empire. But he realized he would not be able to beat Mark and enslave humanity according to his plan. Then he tearfully leaves for an unknown destination.

Season 2 picks up right after when season 1 ends. Mark will be responsible for protecting the earth and preventing the invasion of Viltrumites. This season, Allen will likely play a more significant role as he warns Mark about the upcoming Viltrumites fleet toward Earth. So the show is to enter a cosmic territory with season 2. So get ready for weird characters, strange words, and other things.


Invincible season 2 will be a rollercoaster ride if you have already seen season 1. As seasons 2 and 3 are being developed simultaneously, it would take some time to release season 2. An official announcement has yet to be made. We hope it will be released sometime in 2023.

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